Friday, May 31, 2013

Ron Weinland's Preachers And Men Not Happy With Laura And Other Women Being Over Them

It looks like Weinerdude is in a pickle right now.  Since he is a felon and in prison for the next three years, he has placed Laura and a few other women in high positions of leadership.  Laura is even one of the two witnesses witlesses. Some of the ministry and regular members who are men are chaffing under this power structure and Ron needs to set them straight:

This example can be likened today to what God has revealed to His Church about true freedom that is being restored to women by removing them from the kind of bondage they have been experiencing in the world for the past 6,000 years. In the Church now and in the Millennium that is coming, women are not second-class citizens who can be treated as inferior by men or looked upon by men as being in subjection to them. Such subjection would only be the case if it were on a spiritual plane when the need to administer God’s government might arise. In like fashion, there will be women who may also need to administer God’s government toward a man who in turn should be in subjection to God in such a case. In the Church now and into the future, God is removing the “curse” that started in the beginning due to the sins of Adam and Eve.

Some in the Church are still battling this and being tried by it, although this truth began to be delivered to the Church more than two years ago. This affects how husbands sometimes “think” it is permissible to treat a woman in a controlling manner as though they are in subjection to such demands or in how they might speak in a commanding manner when they have no right to do so. Not only is there no right to do so, but it is also sin. Even a few (a very few) men in God’s ministry are dealing with this new and “present truth” in how they are responding to a woman who is over them in the administration of the government of God in the Church. In some cases, there is more than one woman over them as a matter of God’s spiritual government. The one whom a few are having a difficulty with is ordained a prophet, as Deborah was a prophet. These few must fight this battle (if it is one for them), just as some in the early Church had to fight their wrong thinking concerning the gentiles. A person must change in their thinking as God reveals more truth to them in order for them to come into greater unity and oneness with Him. Such changes of new revelation of truth often test and try people as to their faithfulness to God and their willingness to follow when, where, and how He leads.


Anonymous said...

Why can't Weinland run his church from prison, like Warren Jeffs does?

Anonymous said...

If indeed Laura is one of the two witnesses, then she had better get her sassy-ass over to Wadsworth, for final training.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Audra is collecting members' jewelry and wearing it while she and her boyfriend dictate from their smartphones what flavors of ice cream it's OK to eat, before doing "the nasty" on daddy's bed?

Joe Moeller said...

What a bunch of pussywhips!

Joe Moeller
Cody , WY

Joe Moeller said...
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Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

"some in the early Church had to fight their wrong thinking concerning their GENITALS"?! WHAT? Oh,.....Maybe I read that wrong. No, actually some men have a lot of wrong thinking regarding their genitals. You one's genitals should determine whether they have human rights, power, access to resources. On and on. Actually a lot of people have wrong thinking regarding this whole issue.

ps: And please don't delete my post. I may be lucky enough never to have been in a Church of God and I don't know these crazy dudes you guys write about all the time but I know a lot more about a lot of things than some people.

Assistant Deacon said...

Frankly, I prefer a woman on top.

Head Usher said...

LOL, gentile = Hebrew for filthy non-Jews such as me and probably you too

I don't think you have to worry, Secular. The types of comments being deleted are juvenile pottymouth namecalling, as you might find on an Elementary School playground. Not sure why someone would think there would be a point to posting things like that, but, there it is.

Anonymous said...

"What a bunch of pussywhips!"

Yup, they're almost as bad as the UCG pussywhips!

Let's drain the UCG's coffers by ordering free booklets and more free booklets from them!

Thanks for the idea, Joe Moeller, I've already put out the word to have lots of money from the UCG coffers drained...that's an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

These guys should not listen to Laura and Audra, but it's not because of their gender.

Joe Moeller said...

Note to NO2HWA:

Just saw on Malms site that he is advocating for polygamy in the future in the latest comment section...

What a nut job! Thought you would be interested in posting about it.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Weinland should not be terribly surprised at the current state of affairs of his cult. Basically, he should have contemplated the implications of his own character flaw as a leader, and should have known that in the event that he got caught, it would have severe implications on his fledgling little entourage. Obviously, if he counted the cost of his actions, he underestimated probability and possible penalties.

That alone disqualifies him as any kind of leader. Forget for the moment ridiculously failed prophecies and other buffoonery.


Head Usher said...

Yeah, Joe, this is something that a lot of people, the more literal they get about the bible, the more they start wasting lots of time and energy speculating about the future, because they think the future is kind of already all mapped out. Then they start arguing about it and disagreeing and respeculating. I really don't think that any of their imagined future scenarios are going to come pass, and they could be sitting by the pool with a Mai Tai.

It's also funny to me that this whole horrible corrupt world basically leads the way in universally condemning polygamy. If it weren't for the world's good example, how many of these COG biblical literalists would be advocating polygamy for no other reason than because Abraham, Jacob, David, etc did it? You take these guys out to live in the desert, and they definitely would. Mormon leader Brigham Young had 47 wives. Why don't these guys ever give the world any credit? They sure don't give it to god either. They claim it all.

Anonymous said...

I think that Brigham Young had well over 50 wives, actually.

Not to be outdone, I think that the fundamentalist mormon Warren Jeffs who is now in prison has way more 100 wives.