Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dave Pack Writes About the "Gall" of Dave Pack

Dave Pack, the the narcissistic wanna-be who can't quit make it, wants those in the splinter groups and particularly the ministers to know that the "gall" he has to say the things he does is NOT made up.

Davey also wants you to know that if you disagree with him you are irrelevant.

A brief inset. No doubt many are today thinking (particularly splinter ministers) “The gall of Dave Pack. How could he possibly believe we will come to his church? Who does he think he is?!” The answer is: I certainly did not (and could not) dream up the understanding of the Haggai prophecy—meaning its obviously only correct explanation (and other incredible verses will be explained). What you have been reading are not my ideas. The article “God’s People Back Together—SOON!” does not express my opinions. One with an even half open mind can see that article is demonstrably provable—that this understanding comes entirely from GOD’S WORD! Who agrees or disagrees—likes or doesn’t like me—is not relevant in the slightest. These things are going to happen. God recorded that they would almost 2,500 years ago. And finally, besides not being a prophet, I did not pick myself to explain these things to the returning remnant (and you), GOD did! And more explanation will follow each week—some of it VERY STRONG MATERIAL!


Anonymous said...

he's spiraling down the toilet. Of course he makes it up and of course Haggai never meant to be the fairy tale Dave has made it to be. No God gave him anything. He the figment of his own imagination. Sad actually and it will blow

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave can dream stuff up just fine. Trust me and his doing it again. Just watch what me and Obadiah can make up if we need

Anonymous said...

The fact Dave cares little if you disagree with him is a LONG WAY...from "If I get off into strange or weird ideas..DON"T FOLLOW ME" I will try to talk you out of it and won't want you to remember I said it...."
What a-hole for Christ. He and his members deserve each other at this point

Douglas Becker said...

When did he have his psychotic break?

I WARN you: I got my copy of the DSM-5 yesterday!

Head Usher said...

I can think at least one other explanation for Haggai that is a lot simpler, more obvious, and has a lot more potential to be correct.

I heard it said the other day that it is a human tendency to "believe" things that are convenient. Dave Pack is certainly a master of convenience.

Sure, Dave. It wasn't you who dreamed up this batshit crazy Haggai stupidity. These aren't your ideas, no, no, no. How convenient that the "its obviously only correct explanation" is some complicated duality that points to a strange & weird man 2,500 years later on a different continent with a thousand degrees of separation from Haggai. And you, Davey, are removed from HWA by yet one more tenuous degree of separation.

And what will Davey say when none his "things" happen? Dave Weinland II is waiting to be crowned lord of the flies.

Anonymous said...

Dave's disbelief that he could not possibly make this stuff up is assinine. Of course he can. Just because he can weave a tale with Haggai does not mean he has woven the tale Haggai had to weave....which in fact Dave did not.

Dave has a stupid and foolish type of clever intelligence which is the the most shallow and dangerous of all

Byker Bob said...

Yeah, HWA used to brag that he couldn't have put together such a big organization with three colleges and churches around the world by himself, either. Like the opulence and aggregate wealth was supposed to be proof of God's involvement. I guess Henry Ford must have had lots of God's guidance, too? Fact is, God often sidesteps the monetary portion of the equation to get His work done!

As a fitting soundtrack, to be played every time things Pack appear, we ought to play Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my Nightmare", or maybe Flatt & Scruggs' "Foggy Mountain Breakdown", or "19th Nervous Breakdown". Aw, heck. Cue em all up!


DennisCDiehl said...

That's right Dave, You're not a prophet. You aren't even a theologian. Your education is mere Bible reading and prooftexting to fit your fantacies. You are a deceiver and ego centric embarassment to ministry.

This is all your doing and views. You can't put it off on God or that you could not make this stuff up. Of course you can and you have. Haggai has nothing in common with you and your Biblical expertise is ridiculous and shallow. Any first year theology student could lay you waste in the realm of history and origins.

Good luck with your scam . How many times can your feeble bunch send it all in. I know people who have given you their retirement and their condos . You better not let them down or you will have some very angry suckers at your door for an explanation.

You're a theological idiot.

Debate me Dave on Haggai and the whole topic of prophecy, Midrash and the New Testament . You'll lose.

Warmest regards you fraud and fake.
The Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce is going to wish they had never head of you in time, as will most of your current members.

mruscan said...

I want to see some reactions from the other COG's that he is trashing. Let's mix it up "Boys". Are you gonna let Dave say all this stuff about you and not do anything about it?

Anonymous said...

The Philadelphia Church of God has never heard of a David Seepack. Is he a cousin to Trinidad's minister Mr. Samuel Seebran?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but if only we could see David Pack's brain. Based on the evidence so far, a CAT scan of David Seepack's head would probably reveal an empty cranial capacity.

Anonymous said...

If those who don't like or disagrees with you are not relevant in the slightest why do insiders say you complain that gnats, gnats, gnats keep you from your work?


Anonymous said...

Davie Pack has wrung-out sponges as followers.

Anonymous said...

Flurry's Armstrong Auditorium is paid off; now he can kick back and totally relax in his old age.

Have fun paying off your "House of God" RCGers.