Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dave Pack's Attendance and Money Problems

An inside source has told us that Dave Pack's fledgling little group consists of 1,700 people.

Dave is also disappointed in this SMALL number of people.  Try as he might will all the media advertising, bombastic boastful letters, attacks on all the splinter groups, and outright poaching of men he thought would bring legions of followers with them, he cannot draw members into his group.

He seriously is perplexed as to why no one cares!  Can he be that naive?

Even worse, Dave is not not happy with these low numbers because that also translates into low money flow.  For Dave it is all about the money and the prestige it brings to him and his elite.  It has nothing to do with a persons salvation or relationship with God.  Its all about him.  Dave is almost ready to be the next American Jesus.  That's how important he feels he is.

Or, is this the real issue with Dave that people are not flocking to him:


Byker Bob said...

Several thoughts come to mind. Not that we want to encourage these people to further compare themselves to Biblical individuals, but remember how God wouldn't allow David to build the temple? What if God asked Pack to step aside in deference to someone specially picked as the right person to complete the job? Would he react as the real David did?

Secondly, Dave is in there manipulating and stategizing, promoting, and doing all of the things successful business people do. But, does God bless that type of human effort in terms of church building? Wouldn't Dave be able to brag about it later if God actually allowed him to be successful? No, I think he needs to humble himself, admit that in and of himself, he is nothing! I don't think God would ever bless the Armstrong gospel message, because it is tainted with extrabiblical theories and falsehoods, but even if Dave cleaned all of that up, it is still the humble person whom God works through and blesses.

Unfortunately, pain usually acts as a stressor and exacerbates pathological behavior as opposed to correcting it. This can't have a happy ending.


Anonymous said...


I thought he said everything was "exploding" in growth?

A little exaggeration there?

Anonymous said...

The more that come...the more that will eventually leave. Why does Pack think his cult is immune to this?

Assistant Deacon said...

Looks like Pack just isn't getting his Wad'sworth.