Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ron Weinland: Because We Mock Him He Will End Up Mocking Us

God's favorite thin skinned imprisoned felon writes:

God is also going to reveal the perverted attitude and spirit of all who mock Him, His Church, and His servants. Those who scoff, criticize, ridicule, and mock God’s Church have used the occasion of this revelation to find fault with God’s Church for changing doctrine (as they see it) and timing in order to better suit their own false needs. Such critics foolishly and unwittingly put themselves in a position of judging God. The very thing they mock is the very thing that will end up being used to mock them. God is revealing the kind of hatred that has existed in the hearts of men and women toward Him and His people for nearly 6,000 years now.

Not only has he changed the scripture he claims to follow (which tells him he cant) he also invents asinine things that he claims come this impotent freak he calls god.

None of us here needs to fear him mocking us, because not one single thing he has uttered in the last 40 some years has been truthful. I don't fear his god at all.  So yes, I will continue to mock the weak, impotent, delusional, god that exists only in the mentally ill mind of Weinerdude.


Anonymous said...

That 6000 year thing has to go. Only the ignorant think that in this day and age.

Assistant Deacon said...

I think both of Weiner's followers took his words to heart.