Monday, May 27, 2013

Dale Schurter: Can You Help Us Find Him? He's Missing, AGAIN

Can you find Dave Schurter?

Several months ago Dave Pack made the most starting announcement ever  in the history of the Church of God.  Dave announced that Dale Schurter had defected from UCG to Dave's group.  Dave considered this to be the greatest thing to happen to the RCG since its creation.

Dale immediatly went into Dave's reeducation camp.  Several months later Schurter was allowed to make a pubic statement and even produced a booklet on agriculture.  Then, he disappears again.  Dave has no more use for the guy and as usual he is cast aside or sent to the neither regions of god's most superfantabulous Church of God ever built in the world.

Schurters experience in the RCG should be a wake up call to all LCG, PCG and UCG ministers.  If you plan on going over to the dark side be prepared for the consequences!


Joe Moeller said...

Come now Banned...stop exaggerating!

Dale is alive and well and pastoring a congregation of three people , (which includes both Dale and his wife) on Diego Garcia island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The papaya and bamboo crop that Dale oversees there is thriving under his care as well.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

mruscan said...

Check out the film on the front of RCG's web site about their work. A brief shot of Dale sitting at the conference table. Hmm, wondering what they are planning.|1028308|restored%20church%20of%20god||S|e|17560096970&gclid=COiLyqzCtrcCFcqh4AodLXAALA

Anonymous said...

Also, be on the lookout for a former PCG minister by the name of Jake Toews. He wrote a couple of articles for the RCG, with a lot of help from his wife, but no one outside of the RCG has heard from him in years (Thank God).

It took Pack's blackhole to get the old grumpy fart to pipe down.