Friday, May 17, 2013

The Plain Truth About Gay Farm Animals

Those crazy folk over on the COG Yahoo boards, God bless 'em, never fail to keep the world entertained.  Today we have a world renown authority telling us just what it is that makes farm animals horny and gay.

Apparently if a calf is licked by a male cow or female cow that is not his mother, this leads to cow gayness.  Calves that are raised in groups with other cows, in a regulated controlled environment, turn out to be gay if they are licked by others.  I kid you not!

The stupidity that occupys the minds of Armstrongites never ceases to amaze me.  They can't feed the homeless or take care of a neighbor but they can write about horny gay cows.

Today I will write about what makes Farm Animals Normal and balanced. Compared to what causes Homosexual Animals.

A calf (including up to four fostered) being raised by a Cow in natural conditions, feeding at will, where the Cow licks the foster calves, and the calves bonds with its mother and even being kicked at times. Turns into a normal sexually orientated Calf. 

Where Calves are raised without a natural mother, (and even on natural milk), in a controlled situation, being raised as a group, will have enhanced homosexual tendencies, the greater the group is unnaturally controlled, the greater the Homosexual tendency.

The difference between these two groups of calves, is like night compared to day.
Possibly the same applies with people.  As society become more regulated and demanding and controlled (in an unnatural way), the great the homosexual tendencies.

Did you know that bad polluted food makes people gay?  Did you know that slow sailing ships made people gay? WTF??????

Of cause, there will be other things, that might affect things.  (bad polluted food etc)
In years past, slow sailing ships were the abode of many Homosexuals.  (Controlled, cramped, environments)

Worth thinking about.

I don't think so!  It's no wonder COG members end up being such laughing stocks when things like  the above are broadcast as truth.


Anonymous said... I know why some people used to take the slow boat to China!


DennisCDiehl said...

" the greater the group is UNNATURALLY CONTROLLED, the greater the Homosexual tendency."

By these standards, RCG, PCG and LCG along with Malm's group and a few others should be 100% Gay...

Joe Moeller said...

Here is a fellow rancher/farmer with his opinion on the subject! ...

(Copy and Paste Into Browser)

Joe Moeller
Cody, Wy

Byker Bob said...

Why would this be a problem? Animals just do as they do. The term sin doesn't apply to them as it does to the potentially God-conscious humans.

Leave it to legalists to even try to keep their animals from sinning!


Head Usher said...

"Leave it to legalists to even try to keep their animals from sinning!"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Gay animals? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! COG members expected to be taken seriously and they write this kind of shit? I wonder if Dave Pack has been on the slow boat before?

Allen C. Dexter said...

I get abundantly tired of hearing all this sin crap. Cut out the gods. Bring in common sense to establish what is ethical, loving and promotes human well-being and happiness. We don't need laws set up by ignorant, prejudiced bronze age priests. I go with the ethical code established by humanists. Nothing else needed.

Anonymous said...

By these standards, RCG, PCG and LCG along with Malm's group and a few others should be 100% Gay...

It's no accident that some folks call PCG's leader "Geraldine." He does seem awfully light in the loafers at times. And let's not get started about old Meredith and his sexual obsessions. He's a textbook closet case. And didn't we determine that Malm couldn't keep a marriage together? Maybe there's something to that post after all...

Douglas Becker said...

OK, which is worse: Being gay or being a false prophet?

The worst part of that question is that the Armstrongists can't possibly figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Well, there was some comment rather recently that Malm commented on, as is his usual annoying habit, in which he waxed eloquent about the failure of his marriage, and about how she abandoned "the truth." Probably it was more accurate to say that no mere mortal woman could possibly be good enough for THE apostle, and that any union would constitute being "unequally yoked"...(and the farm animal references continue...) I always assumed his marriage didn't work because his shat didn't stank, but maybe it's because he's got a ring on every finger. Never did see how Liberace could play with such bejeweled fingers. Maybe that's why Malm can't type?

Anonymous said...

Since the grand cult figure himself was a false prophet, by definition, anyone who is an Armstrongite has already demonstrated they're incapable of identifying false prophets.

Which is worse: being gay or being a child molester? Another one Armstrongists can't figure out.

Corky said...

Why are there more incestuous child molesters in the CoGs than gays? Why aren't incestuous child molesters railed against as much as gays are - if at all? How many sermons have you ever heard on the subject of incestuous child molesters?

Oh, the path of Lot and Abraham is broad, is it not? And Moab, not being allowed into the congregation of the Lord, eventually produces, incest is a good thing, right?

Byker Bob said...

There is just a treasure trove of distorted memories resulting from growing up in a WCG family!

I'm sure we've all seen children play house, or play with their dolls, right? Little tea parties, road trips, pretend trips to the zoo, etc.? Behavioral scientists would probably see those as healthy stages of normal childhood development.

Well, there were some variations to that in my family. I recall on one occasion walking into the play room of one of our homes, and hearing my little sisters loudly correcting their dolls, and then spanking them mercilessly and repeatedly. That was their play time, and indicative apparently of how they perceived the most poignant aspects of our family life. My parents were in another room, clearly in earshot, and gave no response, so one could only assume they considered this to be totally normal. Had it been normal, it certainly wouldn't stand out in my own mind decades after the fact.