Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave Pack: Should You Mourn The Three Dead COG Leaders?

Dave Pack, the ever compassionate and merciful one, thinks you should not mourn for the three dead COG leaders next month. Many, many more laodicean COG members will die soon after, so why mourn for them?

Sadly, loss of life—in this case of wolves, but this would be true of any deaths—becomes a topic of sensation. But should it be? Think! God’s purpose before the age is complete will bring vastly more deaths than three. Consider. ALL Laodiceans—every one of them—will die (horribly) in the Great Tribulation, and these are all converted people (not wolves). Next, the four horsemen of Revelation 6 will take one-quarter of all mankind (vs. 8). Still further, many millions of the modern descendants of Israel will lose their lives, with the “lucky ones” entering captivity. Then there is the Day of the Lord—and the armies that Christ destroys coming from Armageddon. At the beginning of the Millennium, there will even be plagues and droughts on nations who will not keep the Feast of Tabernacles (Zech. 14:16-19)—and at the end of the Millennium sudden destruction will fall on the masses who rebel (called Gog and Magog) and attack God’s people in Jerusalem (Rev. 20:8).


Anonymous said...

"ALL Laodiceans—every one of them—will die (horribly) in the Great Tribulation, and these are all converted people (not wolves)"

He doesn't even know what he says. If one is lukewarm, one is not converted (like himself). Only he is both lukewarm and a wolf. "I will spue thee out of my mouth."

Conversion is a life time process and we must endure to the end.

Maybe he will get his request and the three will be of his own followers.

Douglas Becker said...

I'm not mourning any of them: Let the dead bury their dead.


Leave the dead bodies in the shopping mall because someone will undoubtedly take care of them, just as they will for any disabled children left there by ACoG members on the advice of their minister.

Anonymous said...

Even though Pack claims this prediction is from God, in reality it is from himself. The fact that he is ok with other people getting killed says a lot. Not that they have anything to worry about, at least not any more than any other person with the same health.

Byker Bob said...

More indication of Pack's deep inner sickness.

Lookin' for a good spiritual guide or mentor, anyone. Pass on this one. He ain't what he says he is.


Corky said...

"But should it be? Think!"

Needless to say, what Dave means by "Think!" is..."eat up what I'm laying down". Think has nothing to do with it. The closest you can come to "Think!" is "Don't Think!", which is what he wants his followers to do.