Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave Pack: Talks About His "...false “Works” palmed off as God’s Work"

Dave talks about himself again.  Is he really to stupid to understand what he writes? Dave is just as corrupt as many of the other COG leaders are, even the three he has damned to death.

For decades, brethren have been deceived by leaders they assumed were carrying on with what Mr. Armstrong taught. God’s tithes have enriched these top leaders who have bought and sold God’s people between groups, as well as through one split after another carrying people away into other new groups as though they were so much merchandise to take from a store. These “shepherds” have not pitied the flock, nor are they shepherding them, although they do remember to regularly say “Bless be the Lord.” God knows that they are slaughtering these sheep with false doctrines, false “Works” palmed off as God’s Work, false governments, false traditions, open door policies that allow the world in the door, false standards and the permission of all forms of wrong behavior.


Douglas Becker said...

It's 1984 and Wadsworth is Oceana.

Byker Bob said...

Three fingers, baby. They're pointed right backatcha. Keep accusing, Dave. You are doing the same things as they are, but you have added self-righteousness as well.