Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dave Pack: Why Does He Deliberately Lie On His Web Sites?

Dave Pack, the leader of the worlds most superfantabulous COG ever to exist in 6,000 years, the reincarnated Joshua/Elijah/Jesus, God's most trust banker of all money in existence, and failed health food store owner, has established a "new" ministry.

In his on going quest to think of something original, which apparently did not happen, he has created The Ambassador Center which has the delectable initials of 'AC."  How original Davey!  Your god must be really pleased! I stand at owe of your originality!  I can't wait to join you on August 31 so I can see what other "new" things you are coming up with!

He writes:

Ambassador Center (AC) is the specialized training academy of The Restored Church of God, which publishes The Real Truth. Founder and Chancellor David C. Pack, who is also President and Pastor General of The Restored Church of God and The Real Truth’s Editor-in-Chief, worked with faculty and staff to develop a rigorous two-year educational program with one overarching purpose: the development of the whole person.
There is nothing about Davey's new "AC" that has any ties to 60 years earlier in Pasadena.  Herbert Armstrong would have kicked Davey out on his ass years ago considering Davey's self-righteous pompous attitude.  There is no connection with the Ambassador College from the past whatsoever. It is only a figment of Davey's delusional imagination.
The tradition for this institution began more than 60 years earlier in Pasadena, California, with Ambassador College. Founded by Herbert W. Armstrong and supported by the Worldwide Church of God, the college eventually branched into three separate campuses in Pasadena, California; Bricket Wood, England; and Big Sandy, Texas.
It really must be humiliating for Davey to know that Gerald Flurry bought the Bricket Wood property. Imagine how Davey could have been using this property in September to reeducated all the new ministers he will be receiving.  What a startling missed opportunity!


Glenn said...


I appreciate your insight into Dave's thinking. The following is my speculation on what Dave is likely to do once the end of August comes and goes with nothing happening:

1. Dave will proclaim that something did happen, and it was exactly what he said.

2. The something will be that God on that date did "re-unite" all the cogs under Dave.

3. Any cog leaders and members who do not join RCG after that date are therefore being rebellious and will be disqualified from making it into the kingdom if they do not shortly repent and join Dave's group.

4. God is merciful,however, and will allow all the cogs and their members a little more time to come to their senses.

5. Dave will graciously welcome all cog leaders and their members to RCG once they totally repent and acknowledge that Dave is the Grand Pooh-bah over all God's creation on earth (and maybe throughout the universe) at this time.

6. Instead of everyone joining him in a massive wave all at once, God has decided that it would be better to have coggers come to him a few dozen at a time every month over the next few years (but not too many years because time is short).

7. None of other cog leaders have any authority to say or do anything from this point onward. All coggers are to follow Dave and will lose their eternal lives if they don't.

8. Send it in (all of it) to Dave, right now because he is the only one who God recognizes as being qualified to receive tithes and the only doing the real work of God.

9. We probably have only 3-5, 7-10, maybe 15-20 years left at the most. Dave must be about 63 years old so he won't see the work lasting beyond his lifetime. If HWA died at 86, then Dave (who does everything like HWA) has only about 23 years left at most.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

I've caught him in many lies. The fruits are made manifest. No fruits of the spirit and his tree bares thistles and thorns.

Pro 22:5 Thorns [and] snares [are] in the way of the froward: he that doth keep his soul shall be far from them.

Mat 13:22 He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful.

Byker Bob said...

Most people in advertising recognize when a "brand" becomes sullied, or ineffective. It is why there are words like "new and improved", or "Pantron is now Fantasma!"

I wasn't around during the HWA revolution against COG-7. But, it seems that, unlike our current crop, he certainly did not set about to name entities within his new work after all of the facets of his former affiliation. We know he plagiarized, but the "freshness" of his new church relied more upon the pet theories and extrabiblical teachings of HWA's which COG-7 had had the good sense to reject, thus earning the label "Sardis".

Alas, the old man firebombed any possibility of freshening, upgrading, or even revision to compensate for error. After all, any rebirth, any fresh approach was foretold to be Laodecean (the only so-called era left, and an undesirable one at that!), and by self-styling as a specially inspired end times apostle, revision to his teaching was redefined as having "lost the faith once delivered". Of course, these are two bogus precepts, but those who have bought into them are forced into a permanent static condition of non revision. They must continue to recycle all things HWA.


Glenn said...

I see I made a mistake with HWA's age when he died, so sorry.

Also, that all should have been posted under Dennis's article.

Glenn Parker

Douglas Becker said...

AC = A Cult.

Byker Bob said...

Answer to the original question: It is pathological.


Joe Moeller said...

AC stands for "ABSOLUTELY CRAZY" !

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Dave said if he comes back and sees me reading more posts like this he is going to repeatedly bang my head on the keybortyuigktrg fAsds v g evnetnjjbvhjbvskjvklvn vsv iusrvnrsvtqzb7s yjar5y\

Former RCG said...

Everyone is a liar except Dave Pack. Just read his article "Do You Believe Obvious Lies".

Anonymous said...

Why does Pack lie? I dunno, why do most ex-Armstrongites lie? I guess they think they can persuade more people by lying than by telling the truth. It seems to be the gullible that both sides are after.

Anonymous said...

Dave says:

" worked with faculty and staff to develop a rigorous two-year educational program with one overarching purpose: the development of the whole person."

The end results of which is not a whole person at all but a fragmented one which will wake up one day and try to put itself back together. You can not develope whole people in an organization that has a leader who decries scholarship, "writing papers" and research that does not meet with his approval. You are not a whole person when you must submit to never questioning Dave Pack, your church boss or the now still dead Herbert W. Armstrong.

Those of you in RCG who read this site, you aren't being trained to be a whole person at all under Pack. You are trained to pay, pray, obey, and stay. That is not wholeness. With as much information available outside of Dave Pack's reach and control in this world, that is just being stupid.

Dave Pack has mistaken magical thinking for actual thinking and he'd be pleased if you and your kids would join him in it.

Dave confuses the world of dreamtime for actual time and the only holeness you will feel are the ones in your pockets.


Redfox712 said...

And of course they make no mention of how the Bricket Wood campus was dissolved under HWA's watch, hiding that particular self inflicted set back in order to give people the impression that HWA was flawless.

Anonymous said...

AMBASSADOR CENTER is certainly a misnomer because one would have the impression that this is where ambassadors and other lesser diplomats have their discussions in a more relax atmosphere of a social center, free from protocols of diplomacy. It should be properly labeled as Social Help Center for the Aging Psychotic Members of a Religious Cult Organization. This is a lie to give respectability to a religious cult organization.

Byker Bob said...

I believe I've shared before, the experience of a friend of mine. One of his high school classmates, during the summer following graduation, asked him where he was going to college. Being somewhat embarrassed as we always all were when attempting to explain away the stuff from Armstrongism, Steve slurred the name and said something like "mbassder college". His friend nearly choked as he repeated back "Bastard College???? What kind of school is that???"

Hey, if the foo shits....