Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Oh No you don't.....Not here Buster.

No Ron Weinland or Gerald Flurry type is ever going to get anywhere near Jerusalem to act out the role of the Two Witnesses.  Dozens of Two Witnesses, no doubt, have already had their say in Jerusalem to no effect.  Most end up for a check up at the local psych ward and if warranted are deported back to where they came from.  Israelis don't put up with much monkey business in one of the worlds most dangerous religious cities.

Perhaps Dave Pack has figured out he has no hope to ever get into Jerusalem as both of the Two Witnesses so has moved the entire operation to Wadsworth where he can continue to deceive his gyrating members with his delusional perspectives about himself and his utter importance to the success of Jesus ever returning a second time.

I imagine Dave also will declare Wadsworth the Place of Safety  out of sheer convenience to him and the fact that , as with Jerusalem, no God-Haunted prophecy hounds from the United States are going to get to move in to a World Heritage Site, which Petra is,  without being confronted and sent home.

Jerusalem Syndrome

The temporary psychiatric condition-characterized by patients
believing that they have become biblical figures such as Jesus, John
the Baptist, or Moses-has been known to Israeli psychiatrists for
decades. It affects mainly Christian pilgrims but is occasionally
diagnosed in Jews who tour holy sites. Those affected begin to act
strangely, sometimes proclaiming that they are ancient religious
figures sent on a holy mission. Apocalyptic Christians expect the next
millennium to herald the second coming of Jesus on the Mount of Olives
in Jerusalem, so experts have warned that the number of patients may
increase sharply.
Professor Eliezer Witztum, a psychiatrist at Jerusalem’s Herzog
Memorial Hospital, explained that many Christians view Jerusalem as
the site of the Armageddon and the second coming. When they visit
Jerusalem, they may experience cognitive dissonance because of the
conflict between their mental image of ancient Jerusalem and the
reality of the modern city. Religious Jews with the syndrome may
believe that the building of the third temple is imminent, that the
ancient animal sacrifices will be restored, and that their own Messiah
will soon arrive.


The classic Jerusalem syndrome, where a visit to Jerusalem seems to trigger an intense religious psychosis that resolves quickly or on departure, has been a subject of debate in the medical literature.[2][3][6] Most of the discussion has centered on whether this definition of the Jerusalem syndrome is a distinct form of psychosis, or simply a re-expression of a previously existing psychotic illness that was not picked up by the medical authorities in Israel.

In response to this, Bar-El et al. classified the syndrome[1] into three major types to reflect the different types of interactions between a visit to Jerusalem and unusual or psychosis-related thought processes. However Kalian and Witztum have objected, saying that Bar-El et al. presented no evidence to justify the detailed typology and prognosis presented and that the types in fact seem to be unrelated rather than different aspects of a syndrome.

Type 1

Jerusalem syndrome imposed on a previous psychotic illness. This refers to individuals already diagnosed as having a psychotic illness before their visit to Jerusalem. They have typically gone to the city because of the influence of religious ideas, often with a goal or mission in mind that they believe needs to be completed on arrival or during their stay. For example, an affected person may believe himself to be an important historical religious figure or may be influenced by important religious ideas or concepts (such as causing the coming of the Messiah or the second coming of Christ).

Type II

Jerusalem syndrome superimposed on and complicated by idiosyncratic ideas. This does not necessarily take the form of mental illness and may simply be a culturally anomalous obsession with the significance of Jerusalem, either as an individual, or as part of a small religious group with idiosyncratic spiritual beliefs.

Type III

Jerusalem syndrome as a discrete form, uncompounded by previous mental illness. This describes the best-known type, whereby a previously mentally balanced person becomes psychotic after arriving in Jerusalem. The psychosis is characterised by an intense religious character and typically resolves to full recovery after a few weeks or after being removed from the locality. It shares some features with the diagnostic category of a "brief psychotic episode", although a distinct pattern of behaviors has been noted:[by whom?]

  1. Anxiety, agitation, nervousness and tension, plus other unspecified reactions.
  2. Declaration of the desire to split away from the group or the family and to tour Jerusalem alone. Tour guides aware of the Jerusalem syndrome and of the significance of such declarations may at this point refer the tourist to an institution for psychiatric evaluation in an attempt to preempt the subsequent stages of the syndrome. If unattended, these stages are usually unavoidable.
  3. A need to be clean and pure: obsession with taking baths and showers; compulsive fingernail and toenail cutting.
  4. Preparation, often with the aid of hotel bed-linen, of a long, ankle-length, toga-like gown, which is always white.
  5. The need to shout psalms or verses from the Bible, or to sing hymns or spirituals loudly. Manifestations of this type serve as a warning to hotel personnel and tourist guides, who should then attempt to have the tourist taken for professional treatment. Failing this, the two last stages will develop.
  6. A procession or march to one of Jerusalem's holy places, ex:The Western Wall.
  7. Delivery of a sermon in a holy place. The sermon is typically based on a plea to humankind to adopt a more wholesome, moral, simple way of life. Such sermons are typically ill-prepared and disjointed.
  8. Paranoid belief that a Jerusalem syndrome agency is after the individual, causing their symptoms of psychosis through poisoning and medicating.[7]

Bar-El et al. reported 42 such cases over a period of 13 years, but in no case were they able to actually confirm that the condition was temporary.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, now you've gone and done it. Giving 'em a totally new idea.

Yeah! My compound as the Place of Safety! Yeah! That's it! That's the ticket! Right there between the freeway and the Giant Eagle! Oh wait, that Giant Eagle's gotta fit into the prophecy somehow! Oh.... we're RIGHT NEXT to the Giant Eagle so we're on the WINGS OF THE GIANT EAGLE!!!!!!! And that means they have to come from the EAST to get to the PLACE OF SAFETY on the WINGS OF A GIANT EAGLE!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! HOW CLEAR IT IS! WHAT A SPECTACULAR FULFILLMENT OF A PROPHECY!...hmmmm...

OH! There's a "GETGO" fuel station right there too. Where does THAT fit in? AH! The members have to GET to the point and GO to the Place of Safety! Oh, and route 261 passes through. This has to mean "Two years, Six months, and ONE DAY" is the proper length of the Tribulation, not three and a half years..... that's been REVEALED to us!!! And the KEYBANK.... it means you can BANK on the fact WE have the KEY! Its so OBVIOUS AND CLEAR! YOU CANT MISS THE SIGNS!!!!

And there's these HIGH POWER TRANSMISSION LINES that cut right through! This HAS to mean that the Church is gonna get POWER! The whole whole world will be focused on Wadsworth! We'll finally be worth a wad! THE EPICENTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND HUMAN HISTORY IS WADSWORTH FREAKIN' OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!! All together now! Behooollddd the dayyy willl coooomeeeeeeee.... the dayyy offf waddsworrthhh ohiooooooooooo...........

Boy oh boy, those homes on the road just south of us have no idea that Christ will be just north of them... by MILES! Oh how excited they would be! Yes, it is SO exciting! They have no idea!!!! If they only knew how totally earth shattering important that the property just north of them really was! They must be so blind................


By the way. When you look at the RCG Property looking down on Google Earth it is totally and completely unimpressive. Dave's little mini-me campus did not even come close to the Pasadena Campus. In comparison, pretty pathetic. But someday, I'm pretty sure it's gonna give some corporation a nice little starting point to work on something really cool.

Michael said...

Jesus: one of the earlier and most famous sufferers of Jerusalem syndrome.

R.L. said...

Gerald Flurry recorded several "Key of David" programs in Jerusalem several years ago. What he did and claimed after the camera was put away, I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

That lower pic is what the corrupt ministers deserve.
Well, I can day dream.

Dr. Foreman said...

I lived in Jerusalem for almost 2 years and I can tell you that the "holy land" is not a place I have any desire to return to anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

By the way. When you look at the RCG Property looking down on Google Earth it is totally and completely unimpressive. Dave's little mini-me campus did not even come close to the Pasadena Campus. In comparison, pretty pathetic. But someday, I'm pretty sure it's gonna give some corporation a nice little starting point to work on something really cool.

Didn't some RCG insider post information about the shoddy construction of Dave's buildings, whether it's that he micromanaged badly or just used incompetent and cheap labor and materials?

Byker Bob said...

Things go wrong whenever people try to get ahead of prophecy to the point of “assisting” it, making it be all about them and becoming its gatekeeper, or hanging dates on it. I don’t know if they’re still at it, but several years ago, there were some evangelicals down in Tejas who were attempting to breed perfect red heifers.

Dave Pack has been especially radical, even claiming that he would be training the two witnesses. Probability would seem to indicate that the more extreme you get with prophecy, the more you claim understanding and involvement, the greater will be your failure. This has been proven to be true over and over and over, not only in Armstrongism, but in other high obligation, controlling groups. Even for people who take prophecy seriously, the best approach would be to live a good life, and “let go, let God.” It seems perfectly obvious at this point that contemporary people who claim to be God’s mouthpieces for prophecy are no such thing. There has been no breakaway success, and no pattern indicative of real understanding. Nothing you can truly rely upon.


Anonymous said...

Another possibility is that these people are temporarily taken over by demons who want to have a little fun. Seems they are happy to stay and play in Jerusalem.

Connie Schmidt said...

Doesn't the Bible say something about the Church being protected on the "wings of an eagle"?

Little did we realize that this meant GIANT EAGLE GROCERY STORE in Wadsworth Ohio!

--- (on speaker in store from the cashier checker) "Attention-Price check on Manischewitz Matzos , aisle nine" !

Dennis Diehl said...

808. No demons. These folk just make it all up themselves

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem syndrome is strange, but it could be even worse.

Gerald Flurry has Edmond sindrome. He cannot stop lying and stealing.

David Pack has Wadsworth sindrome. He cannot stop lying and stealing.

Same demons. Two different piles.

Ronco said...

“A vast library of literature, cutting edge web sites, initial staff and ministry, headquarters campus, buildings, immense infrastructure of all kinds and more;
an amazing campus, so stunning, so visually beautiful as to stagger the imagination has been built. This truly magnificent campus is almost complete- at just
under a 100 acres, its central features parallel Pasadena and Big Sandy with even some reminders of Bricket Wood: it can comfortably handle over 100 more employees

An extraordinary video filmed last Fall introduces what will soon be everyone’s headquarters- as gorgeous as the campus was then, it has advanced far beyond what
the video reveals.”

As I have so often said- the high tension wires that span the Glorious Campus (conveniently located next to the Wadsworth Giant Eagle) are simply electrifying.

Anonymous said...

One person thinks he is That Prophet, and another goes by the name of the True Bread that came down from heaven.

Percy Q. Ted said...

From HWA to Bill Dankenbring, Prophet Malm, Ron Weinland, Sixpack Flurry, Elijah Pack, Almost-Arrested Bob, and many, many more, the COGs demonstrate you don't have to go to Jerusalem to come down with a bad case of the syndrome.

Fortunately, with the Jerusalem version, the symptoms are location-dependent, and a change of venue quickly brings relief. The COG version, however, is location-independent, and symptoms can be chronic, persisting for decades.

Thankfully, the COG version appears to have lost its airborne virulence, and infections appear to be restricted to spreading only from mother to child via the umbilical cord.

Anonymous said...

HWA didn't need to go to Jerusalem, he was already cracked!

DennisCDiehl said...
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