Sunday, June 26, 2022

Dave Pack: Cancel Your Thursday Lunch Plans!!!!!!


Cancel Your Thursday Lunch Plans


After only nine blissful days of silence from RCG’s Inept Prophet, David C. Pack was back to further cement his certainty regarding Tammuz 1, which is barreling down on all of us this week. Yes, that includes you.


The Greatest Unending Story! (Part 379)

David C. Pack

June 25, 2022


@ 06:53 But there is no possible way biblically, no possible way that the month of Tammuz was not the month God always had in His crosshairs in the year He chose to carry out His plan. It’s impossible…It is not possible, write it in your notes. It is not possible that “the Month” the Bible talks about is anything other than the fourth month and Tammuz which is about 96 hours away.


@ 18:34 I believe that [Tammuz 1] no less certainly than I believe the seventh day is the Sabbath. That is not one whit stronger belief to me than what we just discovered or that tithing is ten percent or that the Feast is commanded or uh the the the Law is in effect. Those are no more certain to me than understanding this Month.


The only weeping going on during Tammuz 2022 will be on the third floor inside The Restored Church of God. Outside, there may be weeps of laughter, but I am really starting to feel bad for Dave.


@ 19:14 Now, if I’m gonna get rid of the Mystery of God and make this plain, I was never in a position to be able to say that with absolute bold emphasis. It cannot be any other month. You can go home tonight and put your head on your pillow and rest absolutely secure at with that knowledge.


If there was no written record of what Dave has already said, you just might believe him this time. Who else can speak with so much inductive reasoning and supposition as a prophetic foundation?


@ 36:45 And God had, I guess, just hold this until the very end. And you’re left to wonder, “What an amazing coincidence. Mr. Pack has been preaching for over 2,400 days and only in the last day or so did it all gel. And he came and laid it out. Oh boy, idn’t it nice it was right on time?” You’re left to wonder is that a coincidence? Or to sit there and let goose bumps develop on your goose bumps because it wouldn’t be a coincidence.


The word “coincidence” always gave me the same reaction as the word “metric” when Dave uttered it from the table: my gag reflex would kick in. Coincidence has been a cornerstone of Dave’s theories going back years. Is it a coincidence that I have dozens of quotes of him using a coincidence as a biblical proof? Coincidence? I trow not.


Nobody is getting goosebumps in RCG. Maybe douche-chills from hearing more prophetic fingernails on a chalkboard. But that’s not the same thing. 


Actually, all the members in the Headquarters Main Hall Meat-Locker are getting goosebumps. But the shawls and gloves are not due to the excitement over the message.


Dave had his two “assistants” prep the Tammuz Cooking Class so he can explain everything with glass and pepper.


@ 52:13 On Tammuz 1: Christ arrives on a Wednesday night with the Mountain City and the little book that Elijah eats before sounding and prophesying again, including to all kings. All right. An imprecation goes forth. That’s all that’s all at the beginning of the month. If you wanna call this Day 1…13 ½ days starts at dawn…Elijah calls out at dawn…the Gospel is preached to the whole world…animals change…Christ in this 14 days is The Branch growing up out of His place unto the ancient David…every human being who has ever lived is reached by the saints…and somewhere in there, three particularly evil shepherds are cut off at some point…


He must be the only one who doesn’t know how awkward it all looks:


He then goes on to explain the rest of this jam-packed month, however, the other events are not yet worth mentioning until Day 1 is proven to be true. If ANYTHING biblical manifests on Tammuz 1, I promise to update this article to include the remaining plan.


Look, I am no prophet nor am I a psychic. However, here is what I know will happen regarding Tammuz 1: Either the day before or the day after, Dave will have a wonderful announcement how something has become “more clear, more perfect” than ever. The entire month of Tammuz will be declared “still a valid way to look” at the current teachings. “Everything is fine. Nothing has changed. We’re still right on track.” Baloney.


@ 1:06:52 I wanna say something and I won’t apologize for it. Dudn’t make me great, it makes God great. But I have explained more about prophecy in my lifetime and in the last 2/3 of a decade than any ten prophets and ten apostles combined and doubled who were ever privileged to know.


Only if history proves it to be true.


@1:07:42 But Elijah has come first. Period.


If God backs him up.


@ 1:13:19 Because if it doesn’t happen this Wednesday, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. If that happened, I would just play the tape of this message. I’d just sit in the back of the hall and play the tape and reveal the exact same mystery plain again. There’d be no point in saying it again, nothing’s gonna change. The Bible won’t change in a year. This picture won’t change in a year.


There is no way on God’s green earth that Dave will be able to keep his mouth shut for any significant length of time. Never mind, a whole year. That will not and cannot happen. Again, I am no prophet and I am no psychic, but Dave just loves the attention way too much. This “picture” will absolutely and certainly change.


I say: AMEN to the Kingdom of God coming this week. AMEN!




This latest string of failed dates is sadly not a personal best for Dave. He already received his blue ribbon back in 2020:


  • Jesus Christ returns at sunrise on the Sabbath of January 11, 2020
  • Jesus Christ returns at sunrise on the Sabbath of January 18, 2020
  • Jesus Christ returns at sunrise on the Sabbath of January 25, 2020
  • Jesus Christ returns at sunrise on the Sabbath of February 1, 2020
  • Jesus Christ returns at sunrise on the Sabbath of February 8, 2020

·      Jesus Christ returns on Friday, February 14, 2020 (Valentine’s Day) 

It did not end here for 2020, by the way.


RCG’s Inept Prophet has been proving himself wrong since 2013 (Elul)*. It’s a pretty safe bet he’ll be wrong again this week. 

Dammit. I just used inductive reasoning.

Marc Cebrian


Anonymous said...

“It’s impossible…It is not possible, write it in your notes.” -- DCP

Dave Pack-of-lies really needs to smarten up and tell his followers NOT to write any of his nonsense in their notes.

Even That Runt Gerald Flurry knows enough to have his sermon CDs destroyed after they are played to his followers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:39:00 PM PDT

‘Even that Runt Gerald Flurry knows enough to have his sermon CDs destroyed after they are played to his followers’.
Quite true, they are only for internal consumption.
They have nothing to offer humanity in contrast to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Can’t draw attention to oneself and therefore expose the deeply troubling abuse, and disconnect from reality with the pervasive fear among congregations as well as the flawed doctrines that all underpin the organisation.

DennisCDiehl said...

Well he's got the Sun rising at sunrise rightšŸ˜‚šŸ‘

Anonymous said...

Jeez! I am stupefied at this! This guy is worse than Rasputin. In fact, I would take Charlie Manson's word over Dave Pack's!

Anonymous said...

Matthew 24:36 No man or even Christ knows the day or hour only God the Father knows. Dave C. Pack is a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

He has in the past said that Christ will come on Christmas, New Year's Eve, and even told the church goers not to go to sleep that Christ will be knocking on their door with there assignments.

Anonymous said...

96 hours, 96 tears (Question Mark and the Mysterians). Stay away from weed Davie.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Are we still supposed to be praying he is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Dave is like science fiction writer and scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Like Ron, Dave is intelligent and creative, but is restrained by the HWA burka. So no aliens or UFOs, at least not for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Just viewed the video. I thought I was watching Dave doing a cooking show on the food network. Hey, he does a much better job with all those spices than trying to figure out all his prophetic nonsense. Stick to cooking Dave, at least you cant screw it up.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday Night! Got It. Just in case, what is the back up plan this time?
Love how his minions are fawning all over him in the video. Then he tells one of the minions, "were casting our pearls before .... what ever they are". Nice way to refer to the people of God by a false prophet. Arrogant and pompous remarks directed at the supposed followers of Christ. Not good Davie Boy.

Anonymous said...

Boloney! More like a Bologna sandwich with grits and gravy on the side. I've heard of spirit cooking but never tammuz cooking. Read your whole take on the situation then went back and watched the video. Laughing so hard tears are coming out over these poor guys arranging the salt and pepper sort of like a magician does with the shell game. The voluptuous girl in a tight outfits is substituted by these youngsters who assemble all the ingredients for the show. My only question is how can this possibly be on YouTube? It's a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Wadsworth: no longer a dull backwater now that this fruitloop has come to town!

DW said...

Calling TC!! Calling TC! Are you there TC?

This ought to be good! Cannot wait to read his explanations as to why "Mr" Pack was wrong. Again.

Although I laugh at Pack, my heart still breaks for the widower and the parents who lost their son that Marc discussed with Dawn Blue. Inevitably, they will have their hearts broken all over again come Thursday morning. Hell is still too good for Dave.


I too have at times felt sorry for Dave Pack but this is one occasion where I am celebrating.
The end is here, the conclusion solidified in every way possible and we will hear this tape replayed in a few days as a confirmation of "I told you so", so even bravado is on the table at the very end of times.

As I was getting ready to exit the RCG, Dave Pack made this comment: "anyone even thinking about leaving this church until hearing the end of this 'story' is a fool". Three years earlier I had a conversation with a minister right at the time of the reconstituted Elul 31, 2013 prophecy where Dave Pack had established a new timeline for fulfillment of this prophecy. I told this minister that if Dave Pack can't establish a truthful narrative, or can't establish a truthful conclusion or can't rightfully divide the word of truth - well then, I have got better things to do in life!

Those better things were not for selfish ambition, it was to forge better relationships with the neighbors and even to the greater local community - helping and volunteering where needed. My wife and I took up the cause of saving the local feral cat community, spending a small fortune on spaying and neutering (all things Common) and a small fortune feeding them. So, that has been what this "fool" has been doing for almost six years.

Dave Pack, who has spent the last nine plus years establishing false narratives, false conclusions and has discarded the word of truth for his own ambition and has no relationship with his neighbors, does nothing in his greater community and has roped his membership into the ultimate pay to play scheme (with life and death consequences), sits on high in his own eyes.

This little video clip sums up the whole of The Greatest Story Never Told. It took Dave and his assistants three tries to organize all the kitchen pieces of the "kingdom" and even then, Dave was still shuffling pieces.

I hope in a few short days that those who have stayed and given up everything and have hung-on to the end of the "story" will see what the true definition of a fool is. If they have any doubt, all they need to do is hit the play button and listen to over 3000 hours of one man's ambition - a very foolish man's ambition.

Anonymous said...

Dave:"That is not one whit stronger belief to me than what we just discovered or that tithing is ten percent or that the Feast is commanded or uh the the the Law is in effect. Those are no more certain to me than understanding this Month."

Christians today are living under the New Covenant, NOT the Old Covenant. So your entire premise is WRONG from the start!

Tithing is not in effect under the New Covenant, nor is the Sabbath, nor is the Law, nor are the Feasts..

So all WCG off-shoots need to go back to square one and accept Jesus Chist and their Lord and Savior; and, as God the Father said during the transfiguration,: "This is my beloved son, LISTEN TO HIM !"

Trypho said...

"This is my beloved son, LISTEN TO HIM !"

IF Jesus DID say that all the restrictions of the Covenant with Israel were now abolished, then Paul didn't listen to him either! Paul said he, himself, NEVER taught anything against Moses, the Law, or even the Customs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:47 AM said...“Dave is like science fiction writer and scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.”

I remember David Pack once calling Ronald Weinland a writer of fiction. Of course, at the time, I naturally assumed that Dave meant it as a criticism of all the wrong prophetic nonsense that Ron had written.

However, I have now come to suspect that David Pack was actually jealous of Ronald Weinland's prophetic fantasy fiction writing career. Notice how Dave has been trying so desperately hard over the years to outdo Ron's fiction writing with even more ridiculous prophetic fantasy fiction nonsense.

With Satan's help, Dave has prevailed over Ron to become the #2 false prophet on the so-called COG scene.

The False Prophets:

#1 Gerald
#2 Dave
#3 Ron
#4 Bob

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMM...Cookie, cookie!!!!

Mark Wolfe said...

Jesus did not come to do away with the law. That argument makes absolutely no sense, and there are several scholars whom I respect that would disagree with me, but there are so many scriptures which state other wise. Not to mention common sense. Why would the God of the Old Testament, who wrote the laws through the prophets, come to do away with them? I think the opposite is true. He came to die for us and then send His Holy Spirit where we can, now, for the first time understand and obey them with the correct spirit.

DW said...

To Anon @ 8:22 Amen and amen!!

To Trypho @ 9:33 Jesus did not say that the Old Covenant was abolished...He said that it had been fulfilled (by His keeping the law perfectly for us). There are some promises made by God to Israel, that will be kept at the return of Christ. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the church or the rest of the countries on planet Earth. Just Israel.

The Apostle Paul was instructed by the resurrected Christ, that there was now a New Covenant in effect. No more Jew or Gentile, but all who believe are one in Christ Jesus. Paul was explaining that although he himself had been a law keeping hyper legalistic, Jews'Jew, he now understood, on this side of the cross, that Jesus had fulfilled all the law and the prophets that had been in effect for Israel and the Jews before the resurrection. Old Covenant=Israel/Jews under the law. New Covenant=grace for whosoever will believe in Jesus and His completed atonement. No more law, no more Jew or Gentile. Just one body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

"As I was getting ready to exit the RCG.."

Seems RCG has very high attrition;
about to slide below 1k membership.
When that happens, the Business-model crashes:
..houses, sold, weeds take over, waterfall switched off..

Anonymous said...

The man makes Julia Child look like and amateur ...

Anonymous said...


I have thought the same thing. What speaker in his right mind that would be talking about such a serious topic would use kitchen ware as props for a sermon. Salt and pepper shakers do not make the cut. For such a mind boggling event imminently on the horizon this is such a childish way of saying that Dave doesn't know shit about what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

David C Pack is the Modern Day Version of Jim Jones.

Anonymous said...

DW said... Jesus did not say that the Old Covenant was abolished...He said that it had been fulfilled (by His keeping the law perfectly for us).

Where did Jesus say this? If you mean Matt 5:17, then the meaning of the Greek "pleroo" needs to be explored. There are a couple of meanings. I believe it means "fill up to the full" -- to show the spiritual application of the law, i.e., not only don't kill, but don't even hate. Not only don't commit adultery, but don't even lust, etc. But if you believe that it means to "complete", or that He kept the law perfectly so we don't have to -- are you saying that he didn't steal, so I don't have to worry about that law? He didn't commit adultery, so I don't need to worry about that bothersome inconvenience? Is that what Jesus was saying/teaching? He did indeed satisfy the requirement of the law, namely death, so that I don't have to die when I violate the law, but that's totally different than He came to keep the law so I don't have to. No, the law must still be in effect. For without the law, there is no sin. Without sin, we need no savior.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched this video for the third time. I have ascertained that this man has no Idea what he is talking about. It is all just a bunch of nonsense. Anyone who has just a bit of bible knowledge knows that this is stupid. Saints rising at dawn, spices representing the four horsemen, Christ returning this coming Wednesday (yet another prophetic return), it is all stupid. It makes no sense. The whole thing is bizarre. A table with an empty pitcher representing the kingdom. One empty glass with a numeric 2580 in front of it. Two glasses that look to hold at least 20 ounces of water each. More empty glasses that look like flower holders. The two motorcycle windshields seem to really enhance the weird table setting. He says the four horsemen take off in the middle of the month. Nice. Where is that stated in the book? Then more empty trays are brought out. Again this looks like a designed comedy. Then the introduction of cookies, cream, sugar, honey and "black coffee for the cream". Then the audience laughs. (at what, ... the nonsense or the attempt at humor?) Then he says one of the empty glasses represents something that is "Blown Up". Then he says this is God being good and sweet for the first half of the month. More nonsense. Then the rambling of the 14 days the 10 days and the 1335 days. The one quarter of all mankind dies. Then we have a 5 day period. Then 62 things "not exhaustive". Then he says he's going to lay out the entire bible, (which he never does). Then day one. Then 13 and a half days. Then there is a certain paradise with plenty of food. Then 14 days. Then "close places" and they're all jammed together. Then 3 evil shepherds are cut off.

Sounds to me that someone is on a really bad Trip. How anyone can say this man has any credibility?

Anonymous said...

I repeat Eccl 10:13: 13 The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness. Quite a spectacle to behold.

Anonymous said...

What a sense of humor God has! Naming one of His calendar months after the Mesopotamian god of fertility! Seems almost Darwinian.

Anonymous said...

Pack has Jerusalem Syndrome and belongs in a psych ward just like his counterparts Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh and Jim Jones….oh wait they are all dead

Ronco said...

If Dave's prediction fails this time, his followers may just find themselves 'weeping for Tammuz' (Eze 8:14).

Ronco said...

If the 'Weeping for Tammuz' gets out of hand, we may have to call for the Irony Police in Wadsworth.

Anonymous said...

He should probably avoid a career in the field of Math too...