Monday, June 27, 2022

PCG: How Is Irish Dance Spreading The Gospel?


The Philadelphia Church of God has been involved in Irish Dance for many years now. It started when Jude Flurry decided he would like to try to learn it. Thankfully, having a parent second in command and a grandfather who is the apostle/prophet/king, there was no end to the money that could fund this expensive project, all at PCG members' expense.

King Flurry built state-of-the-art dance studios on the cult compound and brought in Irish dance teachers from Edmond and elsewhere to teach little Jude and others how to dance. Children of the elite lined up to join in this worldly adventure. As Jude and the other children grew into adolescence and young adulthood their skills improved dramatically. Jude went on to win several competitions.

Then, low and behold, the PCG came up with a new excuse as to why the church was funding Jude and other PCG elite children with training, clothing, participating in competitions, and travel expenses. Make Irish dance part of the gospel message! Woo Hoo! Brilliant idea!!!!

The PCG had already been producing many musical soap operas for the stage based upon old covenant heroes, all thanks to Ryan Malone. 

Little does the public know that when they attend these shows in various cities they are funding a cult based in Oklahoma that has taken Armstrongism to the extreme.

PCG Brings Over Irish Dancer John Carey:
May 10, 2022 
I think most members don’t realize this, and the ones who do are silenced due to the punishment that would come for even questioning it, let alone speaking up about it. But during spring break the “church” brought John Carey over from the UK to instruct the kids. John is an Oxford educated, Irish Dancer with his own school in Birmingham. He was Michael Flatley’s (Lord of the Dance lead) understudy. 
I give you his background so people can fully understand where their hard earned money is going! This guy is expensive! But don’t forget to include not only his time, talent and instruction, but also his travel, accommodations and food! 
While they will try to dupe their membership into thinking Amy’s and Jude’s little dance show is “the Work,” it simply is not. 
Most of these members sacrifice dental care, basic needs and necessities etc.–for this! It’s so sad! –


Anonymous said...

I watched some of their videos on Twitter recently. There sure are a lot of gay guys in the group!

NO2HWA said...

The church has always had a significant number of gay and lesbian members, regardless of which splinter group. Though I have to wonder why they stay in LCG, PCG, and RCG. UCG is a little more openly friendly to them, but not so many of the other groups.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 1 (Gerald Flurry version)


By The Well-Chewed Sheep (with some help from Dwight Armstrong)

1. Blest and happy is the man Who rejects the Flurry way
2. Never family wrecked he sits For he places his delight
3. His family will stay intact, Never split apart

1. Does not like perverted runts, Hates the lies they say.
2. In having sex with his own wife, Night after faithful night.
3. By the Devil's wicked runt, By Gerald's big mind fart.


All he does prospers well, But Flurryites are sickos;

They are always all screwed up, like a bunch of hoes.

Anonymous said...


It should be spelled CULTIC THRONE, and Gerald Flurry has a FAKE STONE for under it.

RSK said...

Well, the idea is to sucker people into the group who would not normally respond to proselytizing. But PCG is so archaic that it isnt effective, so its really just expensive bragging rights.

Anonymous said...

“PCG: How Is Irish Dance Spreading The Gospel?”

The PCG cult has not spent any money at all on spreading the gospel in the past 30+ years. $0.00. Zero. Doughnut. Nothing.

In fact, Gerald Flurry and his PCG cult officially teach that the Great Commission to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God ended with the death of Herbert W. Armstrong in 1986. Gerald claimed that his PCG cult had been given a “new commission” for a “new church era.” Gerald claimed that his PCG cult's commission is to “warn the Laodiceans.” This is all spelled out in Gerald's little Malachi's Mess. book that he plagiarized from the writings of Jules Dervaes and revised half a dozen times over the years, and that Gerald now claims was “delivered by a mighty angel” and is the “little book” mentioned in Revelation.

All the tithe money that Gerald Flurry and his PCG cult stole went to support his “new commission” to rage away against any Worldwide Church of God people who did not go along with him and his PCG cult in suppressing the true gospel message over the past 30+ years.

In recent years, Gerald Flurry has been siphoning off much of the tithe money that he steals to support his “new church era” rage commission and has been using it instead to support his Irish dancing shows and a jet airplane to go to Irish dancing events that are away from his Irish dancing auditorium. Siphoning off some of the stolen tithe money in order to use it for Irish dancing probably is a much lesser sin than using it to rage away against WCG people who did not go along with him in suppressing the true gospel message.

DennisCDiehl said...

"Cultic Dance"😂

Anonymous said...

In due time perhaps Jude will ‘come out’ and be acknowledged as a dancer of ‘worldwide’ renown?

That aside, I rather enjoy Irish dance and it’s accompanied music. Especially over a pint of the liquid stuff.
I well remember how popular visiting Irish pubs was back in the day after sunset at the end the Sabbath.
Many of my ex wwcog pals knew how to drink a pint or two, or three or five plus an evening,lol.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish that the WCG had gotten into NHRA drag racing during my era, had set up a 1/4 mile drag strip on the Big Sandy property, and had hired Big Daddy Don Garlits to come over from Florida to train us. I have no idea how they could have made this a part of the gospel, but I do know that later on, as drag racing developed as as a sport, there was a huge organization called "Racers for Christ".

Just imagine, the sweet smell of burning rubber and the cackle of nitromethane exploding in the combustion chambers of an early 392" Chrysler Hemi motor in the Saturday night Texas air! We probably wouldn't have had Fox Hunts, or sponsorship by Winston Cigarettes, but perhaps HWA or GTA could have gotten AC Spark Plugs to sponsor the AC International Raceway.

We could have had match races between GTA taxiing the Gulfstream against Big Daddy's Swamp Rat I, and Evel Kneivel could have come in to jump his Harley Sportster over the David Wynn bird fountain! The AC Big Band could have done all the era's surfing and hotrodding tunes!
If only HWA hadda been cool like Flurry! But, NOoooooo! He had to be terminally square and, like Dullsville, man!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the brave gay members of the troupe are part of HWAC's Gay and Lesbian Student Union. Hey! Just kidding!

Are there really members of the LGBTQ1ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ community attending Herbert W. Armstrong College?

Anonymous said...

And not forgetting, Gerald Flurry has claimed that he will be the new king of England when the British royal family perish during the tribulation. This is in accordance with God's promise of always having a man sit on Davids' throne. So a yank will be the king of England for awhile.
Err, I wonder whether Dave Pack will also claim this honor. Two yankees claiming to be the new king of England.

Anonymous said...

Lol I can assure you none of them are gay

Anonymous said...

I went to AC, the majority of students are straight, including all of the dancers in the show. However, I know of two guy students that are definitely gay (not for each other though) but still remain in the cult.

Anonymous said...

Hey, GAY!

Jude, eh?

Unknown said...

So I've been wanting to point this out for a while. As I understand it, Gerald flurry says that the Celtic throne Irish dance production is now the warning work to the Leodacians. If that is the case, they have to pay to hear the warning, which is completely unscriptural. Go to their website and you will see that you cannot watch it for free, you have to buy tickets, for both the in-person and digital production.

Tonto said...

Its nice to see the Flurry Cult imitate the 1st Century evangelism effort, by copying those Irish Dance performances performed by Paul and the other Apostles, , and showing them to the world.

NeoDromos νέο δρόμος said...

"The roots of Irish dancing come from the Celts and the druids who roamed the island before the onset of Christianity and outside influences came along. Many of the druids’ religious rituals involved dancing, usually in a circular fashion around sacred trees. The Celts had their own folk dances with similar formations."

Yeah, I know. Someone in the Armstrongist sphere, maybe Hoeh, came along with the idea that the Druids were really Levites. Right.

I am of Celtic descent on my Dad's side and I like Celtic dance and music. My wife and I sat in a pub in Fort William during a Mòd and listened to a bagpipe competition for a few hours. I did enjoy it.

But Armstrongists are fond of selectively ferreting out pagan connections and condemning "the world." It seems like someone would have a look at Celtic Dance. Or maybe if Celtic Dance is acceptable, Christmas would be acceptable. This could not only "spread the gospel" but start an internal revolution in Armstrongism.

Note: You should see John Leguizamo's riverdance routine from his show called Freak about trying to hit on an Irish woman in an Irish pub on St. Patrick's day. It's on Youtube. He does a parody on Irish dance. Really funny. Language warning.

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Anonymous said...

It's only a small step from Celtic Dance to the Celtic Cross.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

There are a number of references in the Bible about the subject of "dance". For example, Psalm 149:3 "Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!"

More than a decade ago, I got into a very publicized dispute with the Democrat Mayor of my hometown over a large dance studio with over 1,000 students that was located in the City's Tech Center. The Democrat Mayor alleged the dance studio tenant was in violation of the City's land covenants. The Mayor spent over $100,000 in city tax dollars suing the landowner of the Tech Center over the alleged land covenant violation. I took the legal battle into the Court of Public Opinion. I found that the Democrat Mayor never really read the land covenants himself, BUT I DID! I found the Dance Studio was an acceptable use articulated in the covenants qualifying under three acceptable use clauses - educational, recreational and religious uses.

I prevailed and the Dance Studio is still in operation at the Tech Center location to this very day. I can't get over how stupid the Democrat Mayor was. Essentially, he spent over $100,000 attempting to evict a dance studio that a large number of the City's kids have attended at one time or another. How stupid!

While dance can be educational, recreational and religious as my hometown's land covenants qualified the dance studio as an acceptable use, can dance be used to preach the Gospel? I don't think so. Otherwise, Luke 24:27 would have read "Go into all the world DANCING and preach the gospel to every creature".

This is another Flurry Farce!


Anonymous said...

Baahhahaha. 100%

Anonymous said...

Actually he claims the burnish royalty is no longer the British royalty…. hE is the NEW king

NeoDromos νέο δρόμος said...

Richard wrote, "...can dance be used to preach the Gospel?"

Maybe not the kind of dance you are used to. Native Americans back during the Indian Wars in the late 19th century started dancing what was called by Whites "the ghost dance." Indians, particularly the Sioux, were in the last desperate moments of a losing battle against White incursion and take over.

In this desperation they came to believe that Jesus would save them if they danced a certain dance. They believed that Jesus would return to the earth and cause a wave of transformation to pass over the earth that would restore it to pristine condition. All the Indians would be resurrected. So they danced a dance that depicted the spirits of resurrected Indians. It was not a Ghost Dance as Whites termed it but rather a Resurrection Dance. They were told all of this by a man named Wovoka who styled himself as a Messiah. It didn't happen. Wovoka was a false messiah. Lot's of Indians got killed. But in a way this was a preaching of the Gospel in dance.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds much like the auditorium on the AC campus in Pasadena, little more than vanity projects for HWA and GF.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

NEO, Interesting! Thanks for posting. I had no idea! Richard