Wednesday, May 29, 2013

E. W. King Makes A Shocking Prophecy: A Leader Will Get Sick!!!!!

The delusional mind of King is at work again.  What are the chances an American leader will get sick soon?  Can he be THAT stupid?

Mr. E.W.King predicted leader to become sick in his May 29th,2013 message

Mr. E.W.King predicted in a local talk that he gave today [May 29th,2013] that a sickness would over take an American leader very soon which would be a shocking news for America. He also talked about a tragedy having to do with political figure, Eric Holder.

The hilarious part about that post is that his previous one was on this topic: "Do Christians speak in generalities?"  What the hell does he think he does?

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Anonymous said...

Pack is not the only one that is Bat Shit Crazy...Malm is too