Sunday, May 26, 2013

E. W. King: WAAAAA! I Love Those Who Persecute Me...

Poor E.W., he is taking the martyr route whining about people picking on him and his message:

Through what we as true Christians [WCG ~ COGSR] have called “true science” or the Science of Christian Thought we have shared what is called repressive thought problems. Now what this can lead to is a “suppressive attitude” [Proverbs 6:19]. A suppressive person could be defined as a person who tries to destroy the betterment of a person or group [groups]. This type of person has a disastrous behavior. Fallen man tries to accuse the Christian of being “disastrous” because fallen man will always be at odds with Ultimate Reality [John 14:6].

Apparently the only logically thinking people in the world are the 15 or so members of King's personality cult.   Everyone else is a fallen human, specially those of us who pick on his message.
Please understand this important truth; just because we as true Christians believe in the Ultimate Reality and in the only true God does not mean that we have the personality disorder of being angry or upset to the point of disrespecting the person who is trying to invalidate our efforts of proclaiming the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God. As a matter of fact, true Christians will meet with persecution and we (through Jesus Christ) have learned how to properly deal with persecution. As Christians we are taught to “love” our “enemies” and to “pray for those” who “persecute” us.

The only people on earth who have found peace in their lives are those in King's cult. Go figure.

Christians have found true peace in the true Church of God [COGSR]. We are the beginning of God’s Family!
As Christians we have to be around and work around many people who don’t care about what we believe in or our moral convictions. As Christians we work for God so in what ever we do we do it with true moral behavior. We have a static [sane] reality…we believe in true morals and values. Many may begin to do things differently around us. Their motive is not to please God…but ours is!


Anonymous said...

A suppressive person could be defined as a person who tries to destroy the betterment of a person or group

That's Scientology-speak. Has E. W. King been taking Scientology training and trying to use it to control his followers? Or is King being recruited into Scientology's worldview?

Suppressive Person defined by Scientology

Douglas Becker said...

A cult does not represent Christianity.