Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wanted: Dave Pack's "The Clarion Call" Unedited Version Tapes 1 & 5

We are looking for tapes or CD's of Dave Pack's original unedited version of The Clarion Call sermon.  The version he has up online is the one for public consumption.  He has a second version just for internal church use where he discusses his roll as Joshua and things that will be happening to him this August/September.  This is the time he  preached that three major COG leaders will die and tens of thousands of their members will come immediately to his little fledgling group.

The poor little guy just cannot gather his mind together to understand why COG members are not flocking to him already.  Even with all of his bombastic boasting he cannot draw COG members away from their groups.

Like Rod Meredith, Dave has publicly stated that he has examined himself and has not found any sin within himself.  He is struggling with this point because his Haggai interpretations, that he thinks discuss himself, says that he is covered in filthy garments.  since GTA is dead there is no one to lay the blame upon except himself.  Since he is without sin, he has not quit figured out what to do with this interpretation. Dave spent about 30 minutes in deep humility, on his knees, flagellating his self as he asked his god to tell him where he was sinning.  His god was strangely silent so Dave still has no idea where his sin lies.

We just want Dave to know we are here to help him understand where he has gone wrong.


Anonymous said...

Id Dave Packs believes he is without sin, then why does he need Christ?

Anonymous said...

If Dave Packs believes he is without sin, then why does he need Christ?

Dave Pack needs Christ for the same reason a ventriloquist needs a dummy.

Joe Moeller said...

Pack has graduated to using cassettes now??

I thought he was still using 33rpm LP albums for his internal church decrees. Glad to see that he is upgrading!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY