Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ambassador College Fine Arts Hall Demolition Continues

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The buildings have survived numerous large earthquakes, 
but one little tractor is tearing it all down.


Byker Bob said...

I appreciate the sense of nostalgia that others may be feeling, but personally, I'm seeing this more as a restoration of the grounds of the majestic Ambassador Hall. IOW, getting rid of some more of Herbie's pollution.


Anonymous said...

Hardly a "little tractor". But fear not brethren, the RESTOREd Church of god is replacing HWAs magnificent campus, and it will be even more superfantabulous! The money will increase and Dave Crack will be the ruler of the world; with a big ole iron rod. He might even teach Jesus a thing or two about that the word of god is all about, since Jesus has never read the NC and only Dave Quack has it figured out; Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

So long to this Armstrong crap college. Another nail in the coffin of Armstrongism. Ol' Herbie and Teddy must be spinning in their graves. Oh well, it sucks to be them.