Friday, June 28, 2013

Dave Pack: Why Aren't People Looking For Me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Poor Davey.  No one seems to care and no one certainly is looking for him.  He is right about one thing.  No one CARES or wants to return to the pig slop that Davey is promoting.

Being unable to recognize who is God’s final leader COMPLETELY ends the ability of ministers today to serve God’s people. All would agree, no matter who they now think Joshua is, he would only be found in one placeone “House” (Hag. 1:4)—one Church! The leadership of one man cannot be split over several organizations. Joshua’s identity does not lead one to Zerubbabel’s identity but Zerubbabel’s does lead to Joshua. The one who fulfilled the role of Joshua would uphold all of Zerubbabel’s teachings, including traditions, standards, judgments, policies and truths.

We will see the prophet Zechariah makes clear Joshua is alive at Christ’s Return. Haggai speaks of/to this man five times, and Zechariah reveals that Zerubbabel eventually falls out of the picture because Zechariah 3 describes Joshua working alone until Christ’s Return, with Zerubbabel no longer present. A modern Joshua was foretold to arrive after Mr. Armstrong. We might at least ask: Why are people not out looking for this man? The answer is at least partly that they do not want to return to things Zerubbabel taught.


Former RCG said...

You are right Pack...I don't want to return to most of what HWA taught, but he was no Zerubabel. And you are not Joshua. Get over yourself!

Douglas Becker said...

No one recognizes Davey because he's nigh on invisible.