Friday, June 28, 2013

Davey Pack: Your Final Test Will Be If You Really Believe I AM Joshua

Davey tires to use HWA's writings to justify that excuse he is trying to come up with to make himself known as the end time Joshua, the true successor to Herbert Armstrong.

Davey quotes from a letter by HWA where he claims that he did not know who his successor would be and that God would appoint that person which would in turn be a test of the faith of the brethren.

Out final test will be after the three church leaders all die in August  is that we acknowledge that Davey is The Man!

“And let me tell you, THE HEAD OF THIS CHURCH IS ALIVE! Do you believe it? Jesus Christ! DO WE BELIEVE HE LIVES? Do we believe He’s on the job? Do we believe, if I am in need of correction, that He is able to see to it and give it? Let me tell you, I BELIEVE IT! I believe it through and through. And I FEAR IT! And I TREMBLE AT IT!
 “If anything should happen to me, it will only happen if God allows it. God can keep me alive as long as that is necessary. And He will, as long as He feels it’s necessary. And I don’t think He is going to take me from THIS WORK until this job is finished. But if He should (if I should be wrong about that), can you trust the Living Christ to provide the man that will take over?
 “If you’d ask me to choose, I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t know who to choose right now. And I have no authority to do it. THIS IS GOING TO BE A TEST OF YOUR FAITH! Or, do you want to take it into your own hands, and know who it’s going to be—someone YOU can know in advance? Someone YOU can approve? Someone YOU CAN VOTE FOR? Oh, sometimes I say, ‘Shame on us.’ Let’s wake up.”
God used Mr. Armstrong to reveal how God would handle his successor—and in a sermon titled “Zerubbabel’s Temple.” Mr. Armstrong did later go on to appoint Joe Tkach, who obviously was not the true successor to lead God’s Church, but rather was selected by God to bring a great test on God’s people regarding whether they would hold to the truth or follow deceiver(s). Mr. Armstrong did understand he had no authority to make Mr. Tkach an apostle, who eventually declared this of himself after NO fruits appeared. Mr. Armstrong’s TRUE successor—and this becomes obvious—would necessarily have to be revealed later.


RSK said...

Stephen Flurry insinuated that HWA was deceived into picking Tkach. I guess Dave just thinks "Bible prophecy" leaps and skips around time like they do the Bible?

Anonymous said...

It seems in most of the COG splinters, the prerequisite for being God's main man is that you continuously remind everyone of it.

Byker Bob said...

The most eloquent way in which I can respond to Davey's test is with two little words which say it all: I flunk!


Douglas Becker said...

If you pick Davey Pick as Joshua, you fail the test... of sanity.