Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gerald Flurry: Threatens Members With Expulsion If They Have More Children, Men Instructed to Stop Having Sex If Necessary

Why do the members of PCG put up with their disgusting pig that pretends to be an agent of God and his equally disgusting lies and teachings?  When they fail to flee, how many will sit there on their asses and make excuses for him this time around.  They deserve everything that's going to happen to them.  I no longer have sympathy because of their stupidity!

From Exit and Support:

June 29, 2013
The sermon Flurry sent out to "all the churches" stated that the members "must not" have any more children under threat of being put out. He said if it means not having any more relations with the wives then it will just have to be that way. He told them it's time to go--at any moment--so having children is forbidden. --Former WCG & PCG member


Anonymous said...

So basically what he is saying is no putting out or you will be put out. I mean, really folks. I guess it is better than being put out for not putting out.

Byker Bob said...

This is pretty much in line with what I posted in response to his edict proscribing children. I knew he would get around to disfellowshipping members who had accidents.

When you think about this, it's some really extreme stuff. Unfortunately, most of his people will go along with it, but probably pray intensely about their attitudes towards a man they regard as God's prophet, or apostle. There really is no such principle as servant leadership in PCG. The ministry is not there to provide spiritual guidance and share accumulated wisdom, they are enforcers, plain and simple.

If people are stupid enough to let some charlatan run roughshod over them like this, perhaps they deserve to sacrifice their sex lives. They really need to find a better alternative. I don't believe in this German or Laodecean crap any more, but at this point, Flurry has pretty much equalized himself as a tormentor with the Germans. It's beginning to look as if their Germans actually have a better place of safety in store for all of those lax Lao people.


Douglas Becker said...

Or continue to have sex, have children and dump them in shopping malls -- someone will take care of them.

Oh, sure, marriage is NOT honorable and the bed IS defiled, and oh, by the way, the minister can tell you what to do in your marriage, even if it's none of his business.

Let Flurry cast people out of his cult -- it will do them so much more good than harm....

Douglas Becker said...

Apparently, Flurry has not learned that sex sells, so if he wants to hold the members he has and get more....

Then there are those disgusting old single men in the PKG who seem to think they have an entitlement (supported by the PCG) to take young single women, because they have to be "under subjection".

Not sure that works out -- especially if it never goes anywhere.

Joe Moeller said...

Upon hearing this news, and in light of the proclamation from the Prophet Flurry ...

Mrs. Moeller is now consdering becoming a multi level marketing distributor of "marital sex aids/toys" for PCG women , to be available in the "house party" type format.

10% of all party revenue will be shared with the PCG. Great fund raiser, and support for your church, in a fun collegial environment of your fellow church sisters along with fun party games as well.

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Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"They deserve everything that's going to happen to them. I no longer have sympathy because of their stupidity!"

It is more than just their stupidity that could hurt these Philadelphia Church of Fraud people. It is their own WICKEDNESS that is going to do them in.

When in January 1995 Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. openly turned against virtually everything in the Worldwide Church of God that Herbert W. Armstrong had ever taught, many people then tried Gerald R. Flurry's so-called Philadelphia Church of God, which falsely claimed to be faithfully holding on to everything that HWA had taught.

Over the years, Gerald Flurry made huge, satanic, doctrinal changes, but many PCG people did not even seem to realize it or care. They were forbidden by Gerald Flurry to learn the truth, and seemed to love ignorance anyway. Maybe they were too busy covering their eyes and ears, and ranting and raving about all the "evil Laodiceans" who were not ignorant like themselves, and who had not gone along with Gerald's outrageous lies.

Based on the PCG's own announcements, an estimated 10,000 or more people have now gone through the PCG (either left it or been kicked out) and only about 5,000 people remain in it.

The people I knew of in the PCG about 15 years ago were an extremely wicked and godless bunch. Any decent people there got abused, slandered, and kicked out by these perverts. Even people that I had assumed were half-decent turned out to be attracted to the perverts there. The PCG has always been full of perverts who get their thrills doing evil to others, and it has only been getting worse over the years.

As someone warned years ago, Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of Fraud is a cruel hoax that epitomizes the tyranny of Satan.

The people still in the PCG by this time are probably so vile in their thinking and behavior that there is not much need to worry about what happens to them. They very well might get what their own filthy actions and conduct deserve.

Byker Bob said...

I hear what you are saying Anonymous 10:30. As of this past week, we know that that entire splinter is now going to have a huge masturbation problem, as well!

Truth in advertising would seem to indicate that the proper name for all of these ACOG splinters would be ACOGFA, Armstrong Church of God, False Alarm. Oh, and there are no apologies!


Anonymous said...

There's a nut-job on Twitter (@shilohqotq) that tries to get Flurry's attention every weekend. This week he said GF has sh__ for brains.

He views himself as the end-time Elijah.

Anonymous said...

So.....basically, if Gerry six pack isn't getting any, then no one else is either. Pent up sexual frustration never seemed like a good answer for any relationship. One of these nut jobs are going to snap. Hello Waco. When he first opened the HWA Masoleum he bragged about talking to the FBI and reported they were surprised there wasn't more security on campus. Lock n load, this is going to be a wild ride.

James said...

There is a solution to this...

Anonymous said...

"Gerald Flurry: Threatens Members With Expulsion If They Have More Children, Men Instructed to Stop Having Sex If Necessary"

Gerald Flurry once quoted his inspirational hero Adolf Hitler as saying that "A clever conqueror will impose his will in instalments."

This no more kids and no more sex order is just the latest instalment.

Since Satan's ultimate purpose behind his PCG cult is to try to utterly destroy everyone forever, expect even more instalments.

Anonymous said...

Hah, that brings back this lively ditty from the purple hymnal..

"Lo, children are the gift of God, and sons the blessing He commands; These whom in youthful days bestowed, are like the shafts in warriors' hands."

Well, there may not be any more children, but there sure will be a lot of shafts in hands!