Friday, June 28, 2013

I Did Not Ask to Be Joshua But It Is In My Nature

Davey make two incredibly stupid claims:

It is in my nature to be Joshua
I was the first filed Pastor to stand for the truth

Next, Satan is rebuked by Christ (twice). Rebuke means “to chide, corrupt, rebuke or reprove.” This does not mean the devil is bound or has been cast into the bottomless pit. But Satan and his chief agents over the splinters are removed from being able to resist Joshua as they do. Verse 2 also describes Joshua as a “brand [poker or firebrand] plucked out of the fire.” The Hebrew word for brand means “to rake together; a poker (for turning or gathering embers).” The purpose of pokers is to stoke fires, which increases heat. God identifies Joshua as someone who does this—who continues poking the fire. This is certainly my nature, and describes my whole life. I did not ask for this personality type, but it was the type apparently necessary for the duty. During and after the apostasy, as the very first field pastor fired for standing for the truth, I did constantly stir things up to show brethren what was happening. Mr. Armstrong was the same way—very much so. Recall how he often tried to “JOLT!” (his word) people out of complacency.

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