Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ron Weinland Sends Letter To Only Those In Good Standing In His Cult.

Weinerdude writes to his few remaining LOYAL members while still locket up in prison.  He talks about his prison work days and how if he and Laura did not face trials then they and his church would be Laodicean.  Having trials apparently makes you a Philadelphian or whatever the hell he thinks he is.   From Don't Droink The Flavor Aid :  A Personal Letter from God’s Most Formidable Prophet

Hello to everyone,

It has been a while since I’ve written to the ministry. I thought this would be a good time to do so since I will not be writing a post this week. This past series on an “Extraordinary 4 1/2 Years” contains an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding that God has poured out upon us since Pentecost. We have experienced something that God planned (designed, layered out) for His end-time Church long, long ago.

Although you have read the four-part post in its entirety, the magnitude of it in its full scope has not fully been received yet. It is something that will grow more within you as you are able to build upon it over time. It is for this reason that I encourage you to go back to occasionally read it again, coupling that with prayer and asking for help to more fully grasp it all. This series is of such importance that we are going to combine the four parts into a single article and put it on the Church website publications page as we did with the “57 Truths of God.”

As I wrote this series, there are several things that I have come to far more deeply appreciate and understand (as you will as well). One of these concerns the importance of the truths God has given us that set us apart in such a powerful way as His true Church. I’ve often encouraged the Church to review the 57 Truths. Reviewing these truths and becoming more fully grounded in them cannot be emphasized enough. God has laid them out for His Church, even in order, count, and timing, let alone for the purpose they serve and teach. God did not just randomly reveal these truths, just as He did not randomly create the galaxies. Everything is for a purpose and time – by design.

As I have just started writing this letter to all of you, God has just revealed to me what some of the next post is about, as it ties in with what was just mentioned. I’ll explain all this in that post, which will not come out until next week.

Additionally, as with one of the letters I sent to you, I mentioned that it would be good to share it with all the brethren. Since there is no post this week, I think it would be good to again share this letter with the brethren. What I am addressing here is not the kind of thing that would be proper for a post, but is more of a “personal” to all of you. For this reason (of not posting this), this should only be handed to or sent to those who are in good standing in God’s Church. It should not be sent out in a mass mailing of any kind and should only be given to others by the ministry.  If someone has not been in communication or fellowship for some time, then they do not need this.

Oops, cats out of the bag of your loyal members let the entire world see it.

Wienerdudes god is apparently playing one big cosmic joke after another on the COGPK members.  God let Weinerdude and the church make asses of themselves with all their false dates.

You dumb ignorant morons that follow me have NO RIGHT to question me of the wrong dates.  God has deliberately planned it to happen this way.  You are owed NOTHING!  
Concerning where we specifically are in this end-time, God is not revealing the Pentecost that His Son will be coming. Our focus on dates in the past has been part of our refining and maturing in faithfulness. There are times when some may feel that it isn’t fair for God to allow such a thing upon His Church. God not only allows it, but He purposes, designs, plans, and executes those various things that help refine, test, and mature His people – to those who yield themselves to the process. The clay has no right whatsoever to question the master potter. What is fair is death for our sins. We are owed nothing! Yet God, in His incredible love and mercy toward us, wants to give us inheritance into everything.

If we are void of financial trials, family problems, trials of health, and other struggles in life, then we will become “Laodicean” in spirit and lukewarm spiritually to the point God cannot work with us to develop Elohim “in” us. You carry much of what you have because of something unique to you that God has prepared in order to mold a specific place for you in His Family.

Do I relish being in prison and separated from everyone in this manner? Absolutely not! But there has never been a struggle, suffering, heartache, or battle that I would trade for each of these events that I have experienced which has helped to transform me. Indeed, I am truly thankful and rejoice inwardly (as Paul expressed) for what I have gone through in order to make me who I am now and what I am yet to become. There are literally millions upon millions of people in the world who would love to trade places with me in this prison camp. They would have daily food (much more and far better than they now have), shelter with electricity and running water, and a measure of healthcare (yet inferior in this country) that is far superior to anything they have ever had in life. But above all (of all that is physical) there is a mighty purpose being worked through all this that is in God’s molding power to benefit me, the Church, and the future for what I am experiencing.

Do you grasp the importance of your sufferings “in” Christ? It is through being “in” the Body of Christ and the sufferings we experience that God can transform us and mold His character in us. Without those things in this present age, we could not be molded into what we are to become. So what is it all worth to you? Have you come to where you are thankful and can rejoice inwardly (spiritually) for what you suffer? To rejoice inwardly (spiritually) does not mean you are always able to rejoice physically (though we should strive to do so) because by nature suffering is not an enjoyable experience. But how we “carry” the suffering “is” important–for our own inner being along with the example and encouragement it can “give” to others.

I would not have the joy and pleasure of the fellowship of so many of you if you were not carrying suffering of some sort in your life. If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t be here, as you would have become lukewarm and unworkable. When we spiritually embrace whatever state we are in, God will work in us as we yield to and even seek His changing power to work in us.

On more of a personal note, I’ve felt badly that I simply cannot write in response to letters and cards I’ve received, and I know everyone understands. So this will serve as the best means that I have to respond. Some of you have asked specific questions, but I will only be addressing some general things in this letter.
Weinerdude is finally facing the fact that he is going to sit in jail for a prophetic time, times, and a time and half till he is released.
As for being here in a prison, my mind is set for the long haul, yet I certainly hope it will not be for the whole period of time. But if it is, the Church will continue to be blessed with spiritual food and spiritual growth as we continue to move forward. I’m not nearly as concerned about myself being here for the full time as I am that this whole world will soon be freed from such sick and oppressive bondage that exists on every front and the desire that God’s new age be ushered in with sound government and one truth throughout the world.

As far as my health, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. I’ve lost over 20 pounds as my diet has changed a lot. I’m eating a lot of oatmeal with some granola, dried fruit, and nuts that I am able to purchase here. Then there is the quick fix of a peanut butter and honey sandwich that replaces many of the meals (called “food”, as it is rally poor in quality and is sometimes downright sickening) that is served here. In addition, I’m getting a lot of exercise in my work.

By the sound of some letters I’ve received here, some seem to think of this prison as being like those commonly seen on TV, but this is a unique one that is classified as a “camp.” It reminds me more of what the setup is in a boot (training) camp for the army. There are no prison bars. The complex is more like a barracks with private showers and toilets. The sleeping rooms in my section are small units that house up to eight people per unit. I’m blessed to be in a room with seven others who truly function quite well together. I personally believe it is the best of the units where around a total of 400 people live.

There is a small library across the street where I do most of my writing with the initial draft being written out by hand with my trusty supply of #2 yellow pencils. Once written, I go to an archaic computer system to transfer my writing to an email.  There is a rough outside track that I do use a great deal to walk and often pray, as it is easier to get away from the noise (vile language) and constant distractions in the living units. I had started to do some weight training, but that didn’t last too long as I began to work outside at about the same time for the carpentry shop and ended up getting far more of a workout, and therefore, did not need additional weight lifting/exercises. I’ve worked at repairing some fencing and another man and I just finished building a pole barn to house a waste lift station. It is a rough wood framed building with a sheet metal roof and walls. It was about 60 feet by 15 feet in size. The location was great as it was off to the side of grounds that are next to a river and an adjoining boarder of large trees. It was quite tranquil compared to other areas on the grounds that have three different prison systems, which include a very large maximum-security area, a medium security area, and then our camp with very low security. I’ve even been issued authorization to check out vehicles (trucks, pickups, and even a car on occasion) to drive on the compound to and from the jobsites. We do have to be back in the building four times a day for an official count of the inmates. The last count is at 3am when they come around the room and shine a flashlight in your face.
My work time here in prison is HARD work but being the martyr I am it is OK for me.   The best part of this is that I think they are making Weinerdude work on Saturdays!

At the end of this past week, we had to mix and pour concrete into molds used for steam line covers. That was a real workout! Next week, we will be re-shingling a building. It is hard work for a “young” man as myself, but I do like it (seriously).

There isn’t much more to say about this place and my routine, but the days have gotten easier and God has been giving me much help, inspiration, and favor here.

Once again, as you come to more fully grasp and more deeply appreciate all that is written in the last series of posts, you will come to be far more thankful and uplifted to “see” the important role each of you have been part of as you have stood fast in very difficult times. God is well pleased with the faithfulness of His people as we seek to live this way of life in spirit and in truth. Keep up the great fight because it is not over until Christ has returned.

Our love to each of you in the Body of Christ,

Ron & Laura


Douglas Becker said...

Mikey explains his behavior with the DSM-V.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron Wineland; Prison Inmate, Writer of Fiction, Stealer of Funds, Waster of Time, Sit Down Clown, Etc.

It is very good to hear you say that you are doing some honest, useful, hard work for a change. Hopefully, you are not just lying about that. As you ought to know by now, lying and stealing are wrong.

If you write any more books in the future, make sure that they are clearly labeled "FICTION" on the spine of the book so that nobody carelessly assumes that they are true and takes them too seriously.

Byker Bob said...

So far, it doesn't sound as if the experience is breaking him, but neither is it bringing about any sort of repentance or remorse over his failure to fulfill his lawful obligations and quite honestly his Christian obligations to the IRS. He is still identifying with Paul, who was imprisoned because of his work in spreading the gospel.

That this was leaked, presumably by one of his ministers, demonstrates a loyalty problem. Someone obviously does not take Weinland's so-called office seriously.


Anonymous said...

There should be an additional title aside from Prison Inmate, Writer of Fiction, Stealer of Funds, Waster of Time, Sit Down Clown, etc. - that of IMPOSTOR. Naming one's church as Church of God doesn't make it a legitimate true church of God. I can name myself a Rockefeller but no amount of legitimizing work can qualify me to have a pie in the Rockefeller wealth as an heir. This criminal psychotic case is just a false minister of God.