Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dave Pack: It Won't be long till all of the COG leaders are dead.

Dave Pack has a been struggling for years in trying to impress various COG ministers that he has had contact with.  All of them know him to the the fraud he is and that does not sit well with him.  He has had to lash out at them at every chance he gets. It is because of them that tens of thousands of COG members have refused to come over to Dave's side.  Dave's plans continually get frustratingly sidelined due to all of the negativity that surrounds Dave.

It has been thirty years since Herbert Armstrong died none of the COG leaders have ever been able to capture the vision that HWA had.  Even Dave, God's most superfantabulous minister to have ever been almost immaculately conceived, cannot match HWA.

The first great proof is we’re in the seventh, and therefore, final church era—and we are deep into it. Mr. Armstrong died 30 years ago, today, at 6:05 a.m., Pacific Time. That is a shocking statement if you think about it. We are deep into the Laodicean age. That alone would tell you—since there are not eighth or ninth eras—that we are near the end of the age.
Second, we’re at the end of 6,000 years according to just basic math…
Here is a third one…Perilous times exist today, think II Timothy 3 and verse 1, in unprecedented ways. It’s an incredibly dangerous world. Much more dangerous, frankly, right now than I thought it would be, and we are still facing a great Work that will likely last a few years. God’s Kingdom needs to come very soon…or the world is just too dangerous to continue. Well, of course, God’s Kingdom is coming very soon…But we are in perilous times by every definition, but I will explain—and powerfully prove—much later in the series why this is largely about the Church. But just realize that about every 90 minutes there is a terrorist act somewhere on Earth—every 90 minutes—and it’s rapidly accelerating……
Think about this next one: Conditions are perfect for Grace to be fulfilled. I could spend a lot of time on that; but, by now, you should understand that without much qualification. It’s a signal that we are in the end of the age—in a big way. There are all kinds of things going on in the splinters, frankly, that make me very sad. More and more senior ministers are either having strokes…Another evangelist, in one of the splinters, had a massive stroke that struck him at the base of his brain, right after he gave a sermon a week ago, and he’s probably never going to recover. I helped transition him to the Living Church of God (Actually then, it was the Global.)…I got to be very close to him.
Another senior minister in that same organization, an evangelist (at least, the way they count them) just came through radiation therapy. There are others having strokes and suddenly dropping dead. It won’t be long before there won’t be many more ministers. Now, we know that God will resurrect many of them, but that is a separate point.  Part 11


Anonymous said...

Most senior ministers are spiritually dead anyway.

Byker Bob said...

Oh brother! According to Rod Meredith, senior citizens are more likely to get a demon, and people in his church are being disfellowshipped for giving proper two weeks notice at their jobs involving geriatric care rather than leaving immediately.

Dave, I wouldn't gloat over the possibility that these deaths might bring you into a position to inherit the ACOGs, because you're at the upper limits of the statistic yourself! That'd be like when the RCC cardinals elect an old Pope! GTA just barely made it into his 70s!

Laodicea! William Miller taught that the Laodicean era began in 1845. Sooner or later, people will eventually realize that there are no such things as church eras. That's someone's extrabiblical theory! Besides, 6,000 years is bogus anyway. But, these are the guys that profess to love "true" science, but selectively ignore the parts of it that disprove their own theories!


RSK said...

Must be an old sermon, HWA died in January.

Connie Schmidt said...

Hey ... for once Pack is right!

Since most of the ministers are getting pretty elderly, it is a NO BRAINER that... yes... all of the COG leaders will soon be dead.

This statement of Pack is about as profound as saying that water runs downhill.

Anonymous said...

BB GTA must have been riddled with venereal diseases. His 'early' death is hardly unexpected.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, he's right on this one...

just wait 100 years and then tell us that you don't believe!

Byker Bob said...

How would you know about GTA and STDs? There are many people who had numerous affairs and never once became infected with an STD. And there are also numerous people who were unlucky on their first encounter.

Everyone's got to die of something. Personally, I'd rather not be around beyond my prime. If you get to the point where you can't rock n roll, can no longer work out, and are out of touch with the new generation, then it's probably time to start smoking again, and taking other pleasurable risks.


Retired Prof said...

Black Ops and BB, I've got the solution to bringing about a demise. It should work applied to oneself as well as somebody else. I used it on a cat.

My family had a cat that couldn't be litter-trained. It messed up random things left on the floor instead: newspapers, sweatshirts, whatever. My wife wouldn't let me take it to the pet shelter or just turn it loose outdoors. Might contract a disease or get eaten by coyotes. I don't know what she was thinking. That cat had no redeeming qualities whatever--no endearing habits, no amusing idiosyncrasies. Just a refusal to use the litterbox and a tendency to befoul anything else that struck its fancy. My wife talked me into building an elaborate pen for it outdoors with a roof to keep it from escaping and a ladder to a comfortable loft where it could look down on creatures lesser than she imagined herself to be.

I boiled with resentment. I couldn't afford to take the cat out "hunting" and come back alone. Explaining its absence to the children, their mother, and their grandmother would have required a web of lies so tangled I could never have sustained it.

So here's what I did. Every time that cat came into view or otherwise crossed my mind, I would focus intensely and think, "I wish that cat would die." It wasn't a prayer exactly; I wasn't asking for supernatural intervention. It was simply an act of personal will. It worked anyway. After a few years I got my wish.

Ordinarily it is presumptuous to tell others they should follow your own life lessons. We are all so different that almost nothing works equally well for everybody. This, the method Black Ops has recommended and I have described in some detail, is the exception. It works every time.

Just keep saying to yourself, "I wish so-and-so would die." If you keep it up long enough, that wish will come true. Even if you die first, you can go to your grave secure in the knowledge of the eventual outcome. I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

BUT they all say that! I guess it's true then, dead cats all the way down.