Friday, June 28, 2013

Davey Pack On How He Respects Zerrubbabel While the Rest of the COG's Reject Him

Davey Pack, Mr. Perfection and leader of the worlds most superfantabulous Church of God EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is getting ready to reveal who Joshua is....though anyone with any reading capability knows who he is going to reveal.

But first, he wants to get across that he is the ONLY one in the entire Church of God that respects Herbert Armstrong the Zerubbabel.

With their thinking now overthrown, many former WCG brethren no longer believe Mr. Armstrong was Zerubbabel—and many of these are adamant. But we might ask: If Mr. Armstrong was wrong about this, who else could have been Zerubbabel? Who else finished laying the foundation of God’s House? Who else is even remotely a candidate?

Some critics, loathing the idea that Mr. Armstrong could have been ANYTHING special, actually claim that Zerubbabel is Christ, or that Joshua is Christ. Imagine Christ inspiring the prophets Haggai and Zechariah to carry messages to Himself, or rather to both of “Himselves” since He might be both Joshua and Zerubbabel. Next imagine Christ telling Himself (twice) as He does in Haggai to “fear not” and to “be strong” and that “I am with you.” How would the God of the Old Testament be with Himself? Now imagine Christ saying He “stirred up the spirit” (Hag. 1:14) of Himself when speaking of doing this to Zerubbabel or Joshua, or both. Further—and Zechariah 3 shows this—Joshua is: (1) seen standing with the Lord, (2) described as receiving Christ—“the Branch”—at His Return and (3) an angel duly charges (“protests” to) him about matters no angel would DARE say to Christ, who is God. Do not let ignorant lay members or even ministers distort your thinking.

So, like Zerubbabel, Joshua is a human being—one man!—who lives just before and up to the time of Christ’s Return.

Anyone want to start taking bets on who Davey is going to reveal as Joshua?

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Douglas Becker said...

Zerubbabel was Zerubbabel and no one else gets to be Zerubbabel.

He's dead now.