Friday, June 28, 2013

Joshua C Pack claims he has nothing to be forgiven for.  Being without sin is a hard Coors to bear..necessary

Another curious omission is that Joshua’s sin is never identified. Nothing is said about what mistakes he made. Significant sins committed by biblical figures are almost invariably named. Think Cain, Adam, Noah, Job, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Korah, King David, Uzzah, Solomon, kings of Israel and Judah, Judas, the apostles Peter and Paul—and many more. If Joshua is a kind of great sinner, WHY ARE HIS SINS NOT LISTED?—even one of them? This fights the Bible pattern. God typically LISTS sins so others can learn from them. He does not give vague reference to something unknown. See this!

Also missing from the account is any statement of forgiveness or grace. This is typical when God’s servants are forgiven. And why is Joshua not seen as repenting if he was supposedly wrapped (clothed) in his sin? And if this is describing Joshua’s sin (iniquity), the whole Church would forever be watching to see if he slipped back into that sin. Imagine the ongoing scenario that God would have authored by selecting such a man. Why would He do that, and when has He done it before?


Anonymous said...

"The eye that sees can't see itself..."


Douglas Becker said...

Being without sin is a hard Coors to bear

Another prophet fleeing to Beer.