Friday, June 28, 2013

Living Church of God Now Taking the Gospel of Rod to Restrooms Around the World

LCG must really be desperate.

I think some sneaky people are trying to infiltrate my church. Well, that's what happens when it's big.

In the men's room this morning, I found a slip of paper on the counter. It read:


[Web address redacted]


[le site web censuré]

It turns out the site belongs to the Living Church of God, one of the many splinter groups that formed after the death of Herbert W. Armstrong and the doctrinal shift of the original Worldwide Church of God. They're Armstrongite purists: anti-Trinitarianism, Sabbatarianism, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, the whole nine yards.

I suspected as much at the time, so I "liberated" the piece of paper. Heretics have no right to advertise their teachings in the restrooms at my church, anyway. The fact that they would do so doesn't surprise me - as I said, we're a big church, and in the past we've had folks like Mormon missionaries and even neo-Nazis just walk in and try to evangelize people.

What surprised me more, in fact, was that Armstrongism still has a following, as I had figured it died the death of a thousand papercuts when the WWCG fractured.

Anyone else see something similar in their neighbourhood? Fighting Fundamental Forums


Anonymous said...


I'm shocked LCG people would even walk into a mainstream large church! Seriously? Are they REALLY doing this?

If so, LOL, I can only imagine them walking in feeling like they are entering the gates of hell itself. Sneakily walking into the bathroom, taking a leak, leaving a tract, then washing hands and QUICKLY getting out as fast as they can. Yes sir, I bet they feel REALLLY DIRRRTTYYY walking into an... ahem... PROTESTANT congregation. Oh, the humanity! These are the ones who actually teach JESUS CHRIST! Can you see how fast they'd leave? Especially if they leave when they start singing songs of praise to God?

Thankfully, it seems that the alleged solicitation of tracks were discovered. It would be a useless program anyway. What do they think solid churchgoing believers are going to do? Up and leave? It's a waste of paper, ink, and production. I don't think they understand the mind and the convictions of church members of mainstream mega-churches. A little tract like that isn't going to convince them of anything. Plus, they have the knowledge to defeat the anti-christ Doctrines that Armstrongist spouts off, IMHO.

Byker Bob said...

Ah, Jack Chick did a much better and more humorous job of this with his miniature comic book tracks!

What ever happened to Jack?


Glenn said...

For those who were members of WCG many years ago, it might be useful to check out a video of the recent Living University (LU) "graduation" that is current posted on the LCG site. The video is about 45 minutes long. I watched parts of the beginning, middle and end. It was interesting and somewhat shocking (devalued word) to me to see Rod Meredith in such a decrepit shape. Watch as he an others walk up and out the aisle at the end. The man looked like he needs a handler at all times. I know he had a stroke and it is clear that he has not completely recovered.

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

Sounds like LCG may be a little weary and pooped out.

Anna Roll

Masterbaiter said...

I have been promoting Meredith's LCG cult for years by writing their phone number on public bathroom walls. What better way to promote the gospel?