Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rod Meredith and His Angry God

I was reading one of Rod Meredith's letters to his members and co-workers today and it was like reading something from 50 years ago. Its the same old story.  One angry pissed off god who is just itching to reign fire and brimstone down upon his wasted creation called humanity.  Of course a few of the frozen chosen will escape, but only by the skin of their teeth because God is pissed at them too.

Thirteen paragraphs and not one thing about Jesus, the example he set, the parables he taught, the things he did, nothing about grace, nothing about love.  Just lots and lots of typical crap about a pissed off god, what an amazing church we are, and how Rod is setting the example.  It's all works based and graceless.  They complain their message does not get heard by most, is it any wonder??????????????  Who in their right mind would buy into this crap?  They claim to follow Jesus but are embarrassed to even mention his name.

From his June 12 letter these are the highlights.

Paragraph 1:
  • really bad weather is just ahead!
  • dangerous hurricanes are predicted
  • They may do huge damage. 
 Paragraph 2
  •  increasing drought
  • massive wildfires   
  • growing “dust bowl” conditions in much of the Southwest
  • thousands of farmers to suffer heavily
  • many to consider leaving the farming profession for good

Paragraph 3

  • same-sex “marriage” is growing
  • distribution of the “morning-after pill”
  • young girls and boys can go ahead with their fornication with more peace of mind
  • young men will probably not feel the need to take protective measures
  • increasing the incidence of venereal disease and AIDS!   

Paragraph 4

  • lawsuits and investigations are mounting as countless instances of governmental and corporate corruption are being exposed.
  • liars and thieves are at the highest levels of our society
  • growing mistrust of governmental and corporate leaders

Paragraph 5

  • these seemingly different problems are all part of a Big Picture described by the real GOD of the Bible
  • He alone—actually controls the weather.
  • lying, the thievery and the massive corruption of our entire society
  • growing sins
  • God will intervene in the weather to punish our nations unless we repent. 
  • easy to forget how involved our Creator is in both our national and personal lives.
  • How involved He is in causing bad weather.
  • soon-coming enormous earthquakes 
  • horrifying disease epidemics soon to come
  • God will be in the ultimate destruction of our rebellious society
  • We in this Work of the great God are continuing to reveal to increasing millions of people the reality of that true God and the totality of His awesome power.  

Paragraph 6

Matthew 24:7-8
“For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences [disease epidemics], and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows”
Paragraph 7

Leviticus 26:14-16
But if you do not obey Me, and do not observe all these commandments, and if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments, so that you do not perform all My commandments, but break My covenant, I also will do this to you: I will even appoint terror [terrorism] over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart. And you shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it” 

Paragraph 8

  • as a nation “despise” God’s statutes and His laws.  
  • turning away from almost every vestige of biblical Christianity!
  • national power and prestige of the British-descended and American peoples go down and down
  • once-powerful British Empire...dissolved  
  • It is all part of God’s prophesied warnings 
  • bad weather, fires, earthquakes and disease epidemics—plus other catastrophes—would all begin to occur and bring them down
  • as genuine Christians, must learn to “connect the dots.” 

Paragraph 9

  • God’s supreme purpose to teach humanity that our own ways and the fruits of our human reasoning will be broken
  • obey His laws and ways will we be blessed with good weather, world peace and prosperity
  • know that God is real, know that your Creator is in charge and that it is He that is bringing about all this because of His specific promises to do so
  • His desire to “shake” our peoples to an awareness of our own sins
  • bring us to genuine repentance for our own good. 

Paragraph 10

  • There is one Work on this earth which is proclaiming this inspired warning  
  • This is that Work!
  • God has continued to bless the Living Church of God
  • some self-appointed “prophets” or “apostles” who make big claims and, at the same time, throw around erroneous accusations.
  • Brethren, as the senior evangelist remaining in the true Church of God,
  • God is continuing to greatly bless this Work. 
  • Tomorrow’s World magazine circulation surpassing 400,000,
  • television program is aired on more than 220 stations,
  • new Russian satellite network which is comprised of four separate satellites giving us worldwide coverage in the Russian language!
  • thousands of literature requests and inquiries every single week—often 5,000 or 6,000 or more! 

Paragraph 11

  • English, French and Spanish-language Tomorrow’s World Web sites reach multiple millions
  • major new Web site upgrades planned for later this year
  • Social Media efforts continue to experience explosive growth
  • Twitter account is increasingly active and is followed by more than 31,000 people
  • Tomorrow’s World Facebook page posts and ads have a total reach of more than 26 million unique people!
  • Facebook page currently supports more than 53,000 unique Facebook fans
  • weekly views to the page topping over 1 million on any single day!

Paragraph 12

  • as we approach the termination of this present society
  • do everything we can to “reach out” to our fellow man and warn our peoples before it is too late. 

Paragraph 13

  • how much are you, personally, sacrificing in order to get His final warning message to our peoples? 
  • How zealous are you to do all you can to support the very Work which the living Christ is using to preach the full message of His coming Kingdom and His way of life to this world?
  • your tithes and offerings are being put to very good use in preaching the Gospel
  • we do need to “stir ourselves,” and be able to get on more stations and preach this message with ever greater power
  • mixed-up world begins to feel the real impact of this Work of God before it is too late.
  • May God help every one of you do his or her part. 
  • At age 83, I am trying to “go all out,” myself, to give of myself 
  • each one of us demonstrate our zeal for our Creator by getting fully involved in the Work of the living Christ right now!                  



Byker Bob said...

This probably shouldn't be shocking, but it is. Over the past 5 years, I've become aware of a whole different class of ministers, ministers who don't take a perpetual angry, growling tone, and are not impressed with their own status or authority. They do take seriously Jesus' admonition that the one who serves most would be considered to be the greatest. They lead by example and are unceasing in providing help to others.

There is just no Christian way to say this: Most of the ACOG ministers really sucked. They were identified during their tenure at Ambassador College as being enforcer types, carefully groomed and cultivated, and were then inflicted on the field. If you had a good WCG minister, that was an accident, or he was a total anomaly! You can reform a basic theology, but this particular profile of person will be just as brutal in teaching grace as he was in teaching legalism. Basically, that's why you can't trust any church that came out of the Armstrong movement. All are tainted.


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, the same behavior for 60+ years, but why do the members stay with this narcissistic histrionic sociopath liar?

Anonymous said...

LCG co-worker letters are like soap operas - you can come back five years later and they say the exact same thing with plenty of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points!!!!!

I had my reasons for staying with LCG for several years for reasons other than their dogma and the one thing I couldn't get over was the fact that their religion seemed to be centered around how evil those that thought almost exactly like them were.

Head Usher said...

There's the whole angry punishing weather god schtick, which has a long and pedigreed history since about the invention of the opposable thumb. And that's one crock, and I get that.

But the other schtick about how "I'm the only messenger" of this weather god, and me and my followers are the only ones pleasing him, the only ones in contact with him, blah, blah, blah, that show he's just in it for the money. Even if he sincerely believes the first schtick, which he might, there's no way he sincerely believes the second one.

Anonymous said...

I read of a David Horowitz, who died in 2002, left the JW's and founded the United Israel World Union to preach a universal Hebraic faith for ALL mankind based on the 10 Commandments. The hallmark of the organization was Isaiah's comment, "My house will become a house of prayer for ALL people." This is the verse used by HWA to promote the building of his auditorium. Armstrong was said to have once announced a plan to assist in the building of a Jewish/Christian/Islamic center at Mt. Sinai with the blessings of both Egyptian and Israeli leaders. Have you folks ever heard of this plan by HWA?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, it has been proven that natural disasters are not increasing. Stop listening to Al Gore and his BS climate change friends in the sensationalizing NWO media. They are just trying to help their friends at GE sell wind mills while they find excuses for a global government and a global taxation scheme.

Douglas Becker said...

Roderick Meredith:

An enemy of God.
And Jesus Christ.
And those who follow him.
And those who don't.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Sinai project, there was such a plan to have a 3 fold religious center at Sinai. HWA gave $100k to Sadat and then to Mubarak, once on TV if memory serves correct. Would imagine he pocketed the dough though. If there are any telecasts on line, you probably can see that info there.

Byker Bob said...

It's probably important to note that the name Roderick derives from the same Latin root word as rodent.


Retired Prof said...

Bob, what's important to note is that etymology is not a reliable guide to the current meaning or emotional association of a word.

So what I'm about to say is not really important, but it's worth noting in its own minor way: your etymology is wrong.

"Roderick" derives from Germanic "hrod," meaning "fame," and "ric," meaning "power."

Judging by sound changes in the Indo-European language family, Germanic "hrod" is cognate with the Greek root that gave us "-crat," meaning "rule" in such words as "plutocrat" and "theocrat." Primitive Germanic "ric" gave us the English adjective "rich" and the German noun "Reich."

In contrast, our modern word "rodent" derives from the Latin verb "rodere," meaning "to gnaw or corrode."

So you can see what I mean about how undependable etymology is. Meredith could use it to support his feeling that he deserves to be rich, powerful, and famous. It does not indicate what we know about him: that he actually has a gnawing personality and promotes corrosive policies.

NO2RCM said...

Retired Prof said...
Bob, what's important to note is that etymology is not a reliable guide to the current meaning or emotional association of a word.

Absolutely correct. The worst case of this is "ecclesia", which the COG insists means "called out ones" because of the two words it is derived from. But, look it up in Greek dictionaries. It means "assembly". Just like the word "breakfast", which originated from breaking a fast, but now means the first meal of the day. So, why does the COG insist that "ecclesia" means called-out ones? Because it gives them power. Church is just for the called-out ones and we get to decide if you are being called and therefore if you can come to church. -- an Armstrong tradition totally contrary to the New Testament.