Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dave Pack: Was Ambassador College a blueprint for education in the kingdom?

God have mercy upon the people in the kindgom to come if the educational system is patterned after Ambassador College and Imperials Schools.  Just send everyone to the lake of fire and get it all over with!

Dave Pack writes:
Education…When would the new system start? When do kids go to school? Do they go to school? How is education carried out? All the questions that you might have about that subject…Four-year-olds? Five-year-olds?…Is there college? What kind of college? Is there post-graduate work? By the way, where is that in the Old Testament? And if it is not in the Old Testament, does that mean you cannot do it? Wouldn’t happen. Is Ambassador College a blueprint for now, or now and later after some fashion?


Minimalist said...

"Re-educating" the skeptics on the "historicity" of the Gospels would be something to see!
Forget the future: If it's so obvious, how come the RCG can't do it now?

Byker Bob said...

I'm wondering what Dave believes that the Old Testament has to do with higher education. It seems that apprenticeship was the norm in those times, with education being controlled by those who were most literate, which was the priestly kingly line. During the intertestamental period, Helenism came into vogue.

Hypothetically, education in the Kingdom would be God teaching the saved all of the things which mankind had been unable to deduce or discern. Theories would no longer be necessary, and intellectual freedom would entail the ability to learn as much as one could directly from God.

Ambassador College faked this by insisting that the bogus stuff from someone they taught us was an apostle was to be taken exactly as if it had come from God Himself. Personally, I found that to be very much wanting for higher concepts and truths.


Anonymous said...

Ha is this for real ? You mean to tell me the are actual grown up adults out there who think the Kingdom of God will be setting up Ambassador college style schools. God must be laughing his head off at us humans in the Church for many are stuck in a matrix 1970s way of thought.

Black Ops Mikey said...

No, there will be the David Pack School of Narcissism to fulfill all education needs.