Tuesday, November 22, 2016

James Malm Gets His Legalistic Knickers All In A Knot Because Someone Dared Question Him

One of the traits of the Pharisees in Jewish scriptures was how easily they got their self-righteous knickers in a knot when they were questioned and exposed as hypocrites.  It is no different of day in the various Churches of God when people point out the lies and epic failures of the hundreds and hundreds of false prophets that are ripping the church members lives apart.

The Chief Pharisee of Armstrongism, James Malm, is the latest to get all prissy because someone DARED to question his motives and his inaction in posting certain information that he claims to be holding on to.

The lying Pharisee is in a legalistic meltdown right now over Mark Michelson, a minister in United Church of God. The unemployed tithe moocher is claiming that Michelson is preaching heresy about who God the Father is and who Jesus is.  The word "Yahweh" is part of the mix, as is usual in Armstrongism.
After presenting a paper to the Doctrinal Committee on the God of the Old Testament which is  contrary to Armstrong teachings and the UCG Fundamental Beliefs, Mark has persisted in preaching that material, while it is still under Doctrinal Committee scrutiny.
Mark has departed from the long established teachings on who YHVH is, claiming that the word YHVH refers to God the Father exclusively, and Mark has been preaching his positions while his presentation is still before the Doctrinal Committee and not yet approved by either the DC, the CoE or by the 75% of elders necessary for a doctrinal change.
The Chief Pharisee made the comment that he would PROVE that Michelson was wrong this coming Friday, since he was tooooooo busy to comment at that time.  Someone questioned him and he said this:

1) have you gone through ALL of Mark’s scriptures/statements on the subject? Have you listened to all the messages that UCG members site removed? if in fact you have Mark’s complete paper….WHERE would you get this? It has not been “official” yet so any source you are getting stuff from is not “sanctioned” anyway. Why would you have this?
2) Additionally, if this subject is so easy to refute as you say…why on earth would we have to wait until next Friday. Some of us could be dead by then and never hear YOUR version! You should have had your rebuttal posted directly to mine.
The indignant Pharisee then responded:

Don’t look now but your attitude is showing and you are foolishly criticizing things you know nothing about
I have posted on this several times in the past, but Mark has added some new twists that must be covered. 
I am very busy doing the regular daily posts and wanted to give this story time to circulate to build up interest in the coming post; I thought this was just a fringe issue and had no idea the interest would take off as it has. 
Although a week is actually a very short time, in fairness I also wanted people to have a chance to hear what Mark is presenting before I posted, thus giving him first say so people would know what I am writing about when they see my post.
Mark’s sermons are out there for all to hear and I provided a link, you have significant proofs available that the issue exists and as for other sources – and there are other sources – that is none of your business. 
I have known of this for the past year but was just told the matter was coming to a head soon, which is why I posted on it now before the Dec 5 CoE conference.

This is MY site and I run my own operation and keep my own schedule as I see fit. Do not expect me to be so patient with this type of aggressive comment in future. James
DO NOT QUESTION GOD'S IMPORTANT ELIJAH MESSENGER!  Pharisee Malm knows more than anyone else in the entire COG.  Even Dave Pack and Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Joshua Thiel are in awe of his awesome wisdom. He has the only truth available right now.  Only lazy laodiceans and heretics are in the various COG's now.  True believers are to be following him and his wiccan sidekick AND should be sending him their money.


Black Ops Mikey said...

And here James says that God resists the proud....

What a waste.

Anonymous said...

This is my site blah, blah, blah. He insists he has rights that ought to be respected, but fails to mention and affirm the very concept of rights.
This is the typical minister position. They have all rights, whilst church members have no rights.
Prove me wrong Malm by having a post on rights.
Yes, I'm daydreaming.

RSK said...

Still waiting on that fire he was supposed to call down on us...

Byker Bob said...

Hey, you guys are missing out! Tim Jr. recently announced here that the Kitchens now have their own blog! I wonder if they allow discussion of comments which involve disagreement with their positions. James Malm is simply being a leopard, acting out the stereotype, which is to be expected. Will the Kitchens handle dissent any differently? That would be a first for a pro-ACOG site! Was Tim Jr. extending an invitation to us all???


Anonymous said...

"This is MY UNIVERSE and I run MY own OPERATION and keep MY own SCHEDULE as I SEE fit. Do not expect ME to be so patient with this type of aggressive comment in your future." GOD