Sunday, June 24, 2018

PCG: "We must spiritually nurture [HWA's Prayer Rock] that is in our presence in every way we possibly can!"

If you think the convoluted story about the Stone of Herb cannot get any weirder, read on:
This prophecy is dated: It is specifically about going to the place of safety with the new throne of David. We had to break away from the lukewarm Worldwide Church of God. God is focusing our minds on the place of safety, and also on conducting ourselves like King David did.
This prophecy shows not just a leader going to that place, but all of God’s faithful people going there together. Daniel 12:8-11 paint a similar picture. We are all in this together; we leave together and are taken to a place of safety together. It says, “And from the time that the daily [the Work of God] shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” Subtracting the 1,260 days we are in the place of safety from this 1,290 days indicates we have 30 days to get to a place of safety, and all of us go together.
"We are all in this together; we leave together..."  Of all of the splinter groups of Armstrongism, the Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God are the two groups that have the potential to lead their followers into some kind of death scenario. Their members blindly follow ANYTHING their leaders say as god delivered fact. 
And notice verse 10: “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried.” God wants us to be purified. I think that has a lot to do with us having the new throne of David. God wants a purified throne and a pure people when He arrives! Verses 12-13 talk about the wonderful ending of all this: It is leading right into the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, when He receives the throne of David!
Amos 7 tells us when we go to the place of safety. There you see a priest, Amaziah, telling the king, Jeroboam, about God’s prophet. There is a confrontation, and the priest does the dirty work. He tells God’s prophet, “O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there” (verse 12). This is spiritual Antiochus—Satan incarnate!
All indications are that this is how the nobility of Israel will go: We will be outcasts, sent to a cave! But we have the very throne of David! We don’t look to things or to people—we look to God! It doesn’t matter where we go as long as God is directing us!
Flurry, admits to his faithful that no where in the Bible is it mentioned that Jeremiah took a stone to Ireland.  Nowhere.  What the Philadelphia Church of God does claim is that Herbert Armstrong PROVED that Jeremiah took the stone to Ireland along with the Ark of the Covenant and David's harp.  Herbert did no such that.
In its account of the history of Jeremiah rescuing Zedekiah’s daughter to transplant the throne, the Bible never mentions him taking a stone. We know he did because it is a symbol of David’s throne. Jeremiah had to have the coronation stone—after all, he was taking the throne of David to Ireland! Mr. Armstrong proved from Irish history that when Jeremiah came to Ireland with Tea-Tephi, he had an ark, David’s harp and a stone called lia-fail.But these last three items were not mentioned in the book of Jeremiah when it discusses the king’s daughters. The same is true in Micah: It mentions a king but doesn’t say anything about the stone. As with Jeremiah, that is covered elsewhere. But we need the symbol of David’s throne, and we need somebody to rule from it!
The PCG idolatry grows more each day.  Just how can a person "spiritually nurture" an inanimate object in "every way possible?" The church has always mocked Catholics for revering statues, and Flurry is doing the exact same thing he mocks.
We must spiritually nurture the throne of God that is in our presence in every way we possibly can! God has given it to us to care for it and to be responsible for it.


Allen Dexter said...

And, we always condemned the Catholics for their idolatrous worship of relics. What a load of garbage this is! Going gah gah over a f===ing rock! A rock an incestuous old lying hypocrite supposedly prayed at. Take about worshipping the basest of the world! Ah, well, that god is a fiction to begin with, so they might as well waste their time, wherewithal and energy this way too.

Anonymous said...

"We must spiritually nurture the throne of God that is in our presence in every way we possibly can! God has given it to us to care for it and to be responsible for it.



Must Buff Rock Daily. Must Pray From Rock as HWA Did. Must Protect Rock. Must Talk to Rock. Must Make Sure Children do Not Get Close to Rock. Must stare Adoringly at Rock. Must Sing to Rock Every Hour the Song of the Rock. Must Cradle Rock as a Baby and say as follows:

"Oh, you precious Rock that the Herbert Knelt With, Oh, you Throne that Gerald shall Herald from, We, the PCG, shall ensure no Dirt, nor Mold, nor Insect shall harm you, and No Dog Shall Lifteth his Leg and Spray you, nor Shall any Rabbit or Turtle Humpeth You. The Servants Shall Clean You and Buff You and Adore You, O Rock of The Herbert. For You, O Rock of the Herbert,are the Most Important Rock that Ever Graced This Great Planet."

Excuse me for a second.

Just a second. Ahem.....


*Toilet Flush* *sniff*

It'd be great if a Tornado came to Edmond and just took that rock and flung it to Tulsa.

David Rickman said...

I may take a drive to Edmond, Oklahoma and visit that rock and take a Piss on it !

Anonymous said...

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Home Office out of Little Rock, Arkansas, the Top Ten Reasons Why Gerald Flurry Really Worships The Rock. You ready, Okay, here we go. Top Ten reasons why Gerald Flurry...Really Worships The Rock. Ok, boys, here we go.... Da dee daaa.....


Number ten. It always sits still during a sermon.
Number nine. It is rough and hard. Like his personality.
Number eight. It never talks back to him.
Number seven. It's color matches his hair perfectly.
Number six. You can hide beer under it.
Number five. It can be made into quite the little safe.
Number four. It can hold flurries for flurry. (groan)
Number three. It is dull. Like his sermons.
Number two. It's a great paperweight.

And the number one reason why Gerald Flurry worships the rock.....

It can be used to make an arm strong!!! There we go boys, top ten.....

EX-PCG said...

When I first saw this picture of GRF kneeling by this rock in 2002, I thought it was a joke.

I was just beginning to get on the Internet, and felt that someone had photoshopped it.

I thought it's a hoax, a fake picture, he's not that crazy. We had just left the PCG for other reasons, and now we knew without a doubt that Flurry was that crazy.

Here it is 16 1/2 yrs. later, and members who were there with me (some a few years before), still can't see that this man has built a work all about him. Wake up PCG!

Anonymous said...

The real prayer rock, if there ever was one, could have been hauled away years ago.

Anonymous said...

I understand that these leaders have to keep their troops motivated, but surely something meaningful and productive should be focused on.

Anonymous said...

This is very strange. A rock herbert possibly kneeled in prayer by is now a symbol of King Davids throne. This is ridiculous and very dangerous.

RSK said...

Thats the thing. HWAs account doesnt exactly give precise details, he didn't leave some "treasure map" to his rock. Certainly didnt find it significant enough to move it to Pasadena or Tucson. All he says is that it was on the "Fisher farm" and in proximity to/on a hill behind the farm. That could be anywhere in the vicinity assuming Flurry even located the correct property (Fisher isnt exactly an uncommon name). And yes, if the farm expanded, said rock would have been yanked out decades ago to make space for planting.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:32PM, I remember talking to some old-timers at a Feast site in Oregon some years ago, not long after Flurry excavated his rock. They were quite certain that they remembered going with Herbert to some OTHER rock that was the genuine prayer rock. They found it hilarious that Flurry was not just making such a big deal over a rock, but was making the big deal over the WRONG rock!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Huntsman/Hikers have pissed on that rock since the 1930s?