Friday, June 21, 2013

PCG's Dennis Leap Tells Church Youth That Only The PCG Can Carry Forth the Message of Christ....Sorry, Make that Jeremiah

Jesus Christ - No
Jeremiah - Yes

Dennis Leap, Philadelphia Church of God's much maligned and mocked minister, takes another leap in logic to write about an Old Testament Hebrew prophet instead of Jesus and then launches into British Israelism nonsense.

Since the PCG has no idea in hell who Jesus was, what he did, what he accomplished or anything else about him, it's no wonder they need to look at old covenant men who also had no idea who or what Jesus Christ was.

PCG youth are brainwashed into believing that they need to be like Jeremiah in their walk with their god.  Not only do they need to believe in him it is important that they deliver HIS message.  Notice that it is not the message of Jesus they are to deliver, but Jeremiah's.

In the four page article about Jeremiah, there is one mention of this thing Leap calls Jesus "christ." Nothing about the man who sat down and ate with sinners and prostitutes.  Nothing about the man who healed the centurions pagan servant, nothing about helping the Samaritan by the side of the road.  None of that wussy Jesus Christ stuff. It's about a pissed off Jeremiah who came to warn the dirty filthy sinners of his day who are exactly like the dirty filthy sinners that the youth of PCG are brainwashed to believe surrounds them at every corner.

Consider what God did with the Prophet Jeremiah. Just like you, Jeremiah was born into one of the most depraved times for God’s nation of Judah. Jeremiah’s time was an exact type of your time today. It was so bad that God planned to destroy the nation because of the incredibly wicked idolatrous sins of King Manasseh. Judah glibly followed his horrible example (2 Kings 21:10-15). He had built altars to false gods right inside God’s house, he sacrificed his own children to one of these gods, and then he slaughtered the people who would not join him in his religious folly, causing the streets of Jerusalem to run with blood. He got into astrology, divination, witchcraft and wizardry (2 Chronicles 33:4-11). Sound familiar?  Astrology, divination, witchcraft and wizardry are popular again among teenagers today.
Leap then leaps to promote Six Pack McFlurry's nonbiblical nonsense about how the PCG is the only COG who has the key to Jeremiah and is carry on Jeremiahs work.  Nothing about that pussy Jesus Christ and the work he came to do and accomplished. The he-man Jeremiah rules the day.

This is a serious subject and you need to think deeply about it. In the booklet, Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible, Mr. Flurry writes: “Jeremiah’s message has been revealed only to God’s Church. The foundational part of the message was delivered to Herbert W. Armstrong. But only God’s little remnant today can deliver the full message of Jeremiah, because only we fully understand this book. If God reveals His message to us, we have a heavy responsibility to deliver that message. Only we can! So the command to Jeremiah (verse 7) becomes a command to God’s loyal remnant today.” You would do well to read that quote again. Take some time and meditate on it. What should it mean to you?
Leap then warns the youth of the cult that if they dare to even question or think differently then they are in direct rebellion against McFlyrry's god.  As long as they follow McFlyrry's god then they are part of the loyal remnant.  They are special and called out.  Question and you ass is grass!

If you are willingly attending Church services; are in a positive attitude toward God, obedient to His laws and to your parents; diligently praying and studying on your own without your parents standing over you with a stick, then you are a part of God’s loyal remnant. You have a job to do for God—just like Jeremiah did. How well do you see the opportunity God has laid at your feet? He wants you to take on spiritual responsibility. In other words, Get your heart in this Work! Put in the effort to understand what God is doing through the Philadelphia Church of God. This is not your parent’s Church. This is not a Church of No and Don’t. This is the group of people that God has set apart—called out of a sin-sick society—and is relying on to take His message to kingdoms! Nothing on Earth could ever be more exciting—or more difficult.

Jeremiah’s message must continually be delivered. You have a part in this. At this time your part is to pray for Mr. Flurry, the ministry and the headquarters personnel to get that message out effectively and quickly. God is currently testing you to see if you’ll give of your time to help get the message out. In addition, you must study to get to know God and the Work He required Jeremiah to do. You need to read and understand the contents of three important booklets: The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible and The Key of David. Get your mind in these booklets.
Jeremiah’s prophecies and Work revolved around moving David’s throne from Judah to the British Isles. The throne has to be moved back to Jerusalem so that Christ can assume that throne (Luke 1:32-33). Who is going to move it? Could it be you?

When Jeremiah comes back to kick ass, will he be wearing tight bike shorts like Leap does?


Anonymous said...

Seriously self-righteous insanity!
Leap(of insanity) said,
"He had built altars to false gods(HWA mini-me audortoriums)....., he sacrificed his own children to one of these gods(maybe he was told to drop them off at the mall), and then he slaughtered the people who would not join him in his religious folly,(Gerald Flurry has said " you really think somebody might get over there and sort of change Mr. Arafat’s mind? Well, the only thing that’ll change his mind, is if somebody blows it out of his head. (chuckles) Excuse me for being so crass. And then resurrect him and teach him the truth."

Hmmm, teach others abuot Jesus Christ's grace and salvation or tell and yell the message of submit or die. Is this why they think they are 'co-saviours' with Christ?

another seekeroftruth

Corky said...

Jeremiah’s prophecies and Work revolved around moving David’s throne from Judah to the British Isles. The throne has to be moved back to Jerusalem so that Christ can assume that throne.

You know, you have to really admire the way stuff can just be made up out of thin air or pulled right out of an apostle wannabe's A$$ and people believe it.

Of course, that's ignoring what Acts says about the throne of David being prophetic of the resurrection of Christ (Acts 2:29-36).

Byker Bob said...

The only positive to this is that we know the attrition rate. Some of the kids are probably living dual lifestyles right now. Others will begin to have questions when they leave home. When crisis strikes, and there is no solution offered by their church except for a minister telling them "my way or the highway"' other will get a clue, step on the gas and take the highway.

Hopefully, all will recover from the damages, eventually.


Byker Bob said...

It just occurred to me that some people may still believe HWA's extrabiblical myth about Jeremiah moving the throne to Britain. That actually contradicts what really is stated in the Bible, particularly in the prophecies of Ezekiel. It is discussed at length, with supporting scriptures in my article which James still has accessible on the opening page of the Painful Truth website. Scroll down until you see the graphic with the British Flag, and the title "Does the Queen of England Sit on the Throne of David?" Click on it. It is a short read, and brings to light some scriptural input that HWA/WCG obviously either downplayed or ignored.