Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dave Pack: If I Change Scripture, It Will Still Be Scripture

He who can never make a mistake, now claims to be able to change scripture and it will still be scripture. Therefore, Dave can proclaim anything and claim his god revealed it to him.  His words are not unquestionable.
Brethren, if I came up here and I decided to change Scripture, you would reject me…but if I changed Scripture and it still was Scripture…you have a major problem on your hands. Do you understand? Therefore, God directed him—or you can take, at least, part of Hebrews right out of the Bible. God directed Paul to change Scripture and after he did it, it would still be Scripture. 


Anonymous said...

Dave's ministry will soon be canonized in [i]Acts of the Apostates[/i]

Black Ops Mikey said...

Spoken like a true cult leader in Jim Jones style just before meltdown and mass suicide.

DennisCDiehl said...

Paul didn't write Hebrews Dave

Anonymous said...

Thou shall live by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of Dave Pack.

Hoss said...

Now I think Dave is just making silly statements so they'll appear in Banned.
Making fun of Dave just encourages him...

Maggie said...

My grandmother used to say that if you give someone enough rope they will eventually hang themselves. I think Mr. Pack is a perfect example of this adage. The more Mr. Pack talks, the more sermons he puts up on his website, the more he proves his own instability. His mental illness becomes more and more apparent. I am not a member of RCG, but I have watched Pack over the past few years and he is growing progressively, alarmingly, worse. I keep wondering how bad it will have to get before it implodes. How tragic will the tragedy be that will finally stop him? I don't think he's able to stop himself. He's running full throttle into madness. Something will stop him eventually. How many will be take with him when it finally ends? It's like watching a train jump the tracks and barrel down a mountain with no way to stop it. You know there will be destruction. You know the train will crash but are unable to do anything but wait for the smoke to clear and then start triage to help the victims. The members of his church don't even understand that the train is out of control and the engineer driving it is not in his right mind. It's almost like he wants to self-destruct.

Byker Bob said...

In spite of how bad everything is starting to look, I've got faith that God will stop him before terminal damage is done to his followers. Still, we ought to remember them in our prayers, praying for their protection.


Redfox712 said...

It is just awful that he should talk in such a way. Such talk also reminded me of Jim Jones.


PCG's latest issue of their recruitment magazine has come out now. Here is a little overview of it. Sad to say a lot of it scare mongers about African Americans launching a "race war" or "race riot" against the white majority. Just shameful and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, before he snaps, he will find himself all alone in a room of mirrors, from having chased everyone away because of his selfish and boorish self-obsession.
"Hello ME. Why, it is ME!"
"Why, it's all about ME!"
"ME, ME, ME."


Anonymous said...

"Paul didn't write Hebrews Dave"

actually, he quite possibly did....or, at the very least, was involved somehow.

that doesn't excuse Dave's delusion though....

DennisCDiehl said...

Byker Bob said...
In spite of how bad everything is starting to look, I've got faith that God will stop him before terminal damage is done to his followers.

While I understand the sentiment and concern, why would one have any faith in any God stopping anything before it got too far gone. Didn't happen with the original WCG , or Jim Jones, or a thousand other Christian religious disasters. Why did a God wait so long with WCG. It's like Ron Kelly telling me through all the WCG chaos, "Jesus performed a miracle in the Church", to which I responded then Jesus must be a trickster after decades of prayer asking to be led, inspired and blessed along with the same for HWA thinking any God was actually listening and wanting to do just those things.

It will run it's course and can end very badly of course. Dave's followers have plenty of evidence that they need to reconsider their ways. Dave is not melting down in a corner. It is public and obvious.

Faith is indeed a hope in and for that which there is absolutely no evidence. That's not a smart way to think based in decades of believing that even a small amount of faith, very small...can move mountains. We all know no one has ever moved a cup much less a mountain with faith.

Anonymous said...

6.37 AM. Actually, it's 'faith' (the vision, drive, can do attitude, technology) that created the Suez and Panama Canal.
Mountains have been moved in many engineering projects.

Byker Bob said...

Dennis, how many people from the ACOGs read here and on similar sites? To what could we attribute the number of Weinland's members, as a previous example, who have left his organization during that meltdown? There has been abundant testimony over on Mike's False Prophet Ron Weinland blog that members' eyes were opened through what was read there. We now have reports here that Ron has perhaps 300 members and it's shrinking. And that was once a multi-million dollar operation lead by someone who made ludicrous pronouncements, impoverishing his members along the way.

God often works through people. It is very possible that He is working through us here and now to reach people, and to make them see what is happening before they must undergo worst case scenario. I found it very encouraging when Jerry Weston wrote of another set of potential victims that he and his fellow ministers knew of some people who were on fire for the LCG, and that after being exposed to some of the materials on the dissident sites, suddenly their attitudes had changed and they were leaving.

So, yes. I have faith. The internet has been a game-changer that was not present for Jim Jones's people or even as recently as to be able to help the fellow Millerites at Waco. I believe that exposing charlatans, tyrants, and imposters is doing God's work. Numerous people have already been spared and are free and recovering. Dave coming on so strongly may be a reaction to crisis.

But I also like the cautionary message you posted above, because in a big way, it is up to the individuals currently immersed in RCG to make the right decision in a timely fashion in order to avoid catastrophic damage. The time frame for a wait and see approach to be the safe and prudent reaction appears to be rapidly drawing to a close.


Anonymous said...

Anon6:53AM wrote:

"Actually, it's 'faith' (the vision, drive, can do attitude, technology) that created the Suez and Panama Canal. Mountains have been moved in many engineering projects."

Non sequitur. Not the same definition of the word "faith" being employed. Dave Pack is talking about unevidenced belief in a very specific deity.

You're referencing an evidenced-based trust in technology or an optimistic appraisal of one's own abilities. These things would probably all be condemned as traits by Dave.

Unless, of course, he happened to be referring to himself.

Ol' gaslighter that he is.

Anonymous said...

A new book for the N.T. founded by Dave C. Pack.
"Doublespeak to Glory", his own personal testament.
"If I Change Scripture, It Will Still Be Scripture"