Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Idiots In The Pulpit: Holy Helicopters Batman! Gerald Flurry Should Take Notice

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Gerald Flurry recently spent several thousand dollars to fly a helicopter around his compound in order to impress his dwindling flock.  Perhaps Gerald needs to resort to these tactics in order to raise money.  Admit it, don't you want a new car too?


Anonymous said...

Any footage of Flurry's private drive leading back to his batcave (gate within a gate) will be left on the PCG cutting room floor. Then like helicopter blades, Flurry is going to wear his flyover film out, by posting it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey probably looked and sounded like Mater in the cartoon movie Cars at the end when he was flying around in the helicopter.

Corky said...

Nothing impresses me more than a preacherman in a helicopter...unless it's a preacherman in a Falcon jet or an 80 year old Jew on a mountaintop. That's as close to heaven as they're ever going to get.