Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pack's Restored Church of God's Hatred of Philadelphia Church of God

Those crazy folk at Restored Church of God, under the tutelage of the worlds greatest man, have an intense dislike for Gerald Flurry, and most other COG's.  How they expect those in the splinter groups to come join them when they exhibit this kind of stupidity is beyond comprehension.  No one will be running to them in a few months.

Sent to me tonight by a reader.  She found it on Facebook.

It's surprising that each harlot daughter of Armstrongism has to set up a doctrinal committee to study doctrine and church beliefs. The various splinter groups love to mock mainstream Christianity because of its varying beliefs , yet they do the exact same thing. When I was with RCG, the minister of the congregation I was in ,scolded me sometime ago when he saw me reading ''Mystery of the ages'', '' The incredible human potential'' and 'The missing dimension'. He knew I obtained these books from Philadelphia so he was very angry with me since he disliked Gerald Flurry claiming he was a false prophet . They claim God's church is one, yet they are at loggerheads with each other. David C. Pack often criticizes Gerald Flurry, Roderick C. Meredith and the UCG ministers calling them Laodiceans. Somewhere in April 2010 , I was having lunch with Melvin Rhodes and other UCG members and Rhodes said he disagrees with Armstrong concerning Birthdays, make-up and birth control but has agreed with his other teachings. Thank you LORD JESUS for taking me out of this CHAOS.


Byker Bob said...

This well-known disdain leaves only one way for reunification to take place: force. It is why David Pack's weekly Friday morning prophecies are just ridiculous saber rattling, or worse, macho locker room bravado.

As a group, individual splinters have more in common with one another than they have in terms of differences, if one uses mainstream Christianity for purposes of comparison. Because of the legalism and the way in which they all define the term Philadelphian, they will fight tooth and nail over the smallest point of doctrine. They can dismiss non-ACOG groups as simply being deceived, cite the second resurrection, and walk away. But, inter-ACOG doctrinal differences or even slight differences of opinion are seen as not conforming to the unity of their impersonal force, departure from the intent or teachings of HWA, and therefore, to be fought viciously as being straight from the devil. Tolerance is by definition Laodecean to them.

This is not a Christlike mind set. Armstrongism is a CRINO (Christian religion in name only), and will continue along a Mercurial path.


Anonymous said...

From: Exit And Support Network

Letters From Those Impacted by Philadelphia Church of God

Cal Culpepper's Abuse of Minor Teens:

June 10, 2013

I personally know of three PCG families that were forced to give up their minor aged, unbaptized children under the direct orders of Cal Culpepper. The following info on his forcing people to give up their 15 and 16 year old teens is accurate because I spoke to these people first hand.

Case #1: This lady is from the Cincinnati/Dayton area. She is a widow and all her family left the PCG and her husband died around 10 years ago. Her granddaughter was being abused by her son and daughter in-law so she petitioned the courts for full custody. She got it and she got the girl out of the abusive environment. This happened around the time of the "Campbell/Culpepper square dance" (the time when Cal Culpepper was in charge, then Marvin Campbell, then Culpepper, etc.). So in that confusion, she was not questioned for getting custody. However, when Culpepper won the power struggle in the North East, he was much displeased with her doing that. Apparently, she was told that "the church does not approve of adoption." Also this young girl was in public school and getting good grades. However, she was going to school dances and such things with a "worldly boy." Culpepper disapproved of that. The girl had enough and stopped going to services. This woman got a call from Aaron Eagle disfellowshipping this girl and was told to "put her in the car and drive her to the Juvenile Center (forget the exact name of the facility) and drop her off." When she explained that she had full custody and was legally responsible for the child and could face criminal/civil charges, she was told by Aaron Eagle, "That is a chance you have to take--have faith." She was threatened with disfellowshipment if she did not comply.

Case #2: This couple was from another area (they asked me not to reveal the state). They had a 16 year old teen that did not want to go to services anymore. Apparently the child was getting "an attitude" and made some comments during the Feast of Tabernacles that were inappropriate. She was sent home from the Feast. They were told to get rid of the teen. They were forced under pain of suspension/disfellowshipment to take her to another state and drop her off at a relative's house and leave her. They were also instructed not to have any contact with her at all. No phone, email, letters. This was under the direction of Cal Culpepper. This couple were so afraid of being put out of "the church" that they followed Culpepper's directions to the letter.

Case #3: This concerns a member from Louisville, KY. This man was a loyal servant of the congregation. He went to all of the PCG activities. He did the garage sale for the building fund, was in Spokesman's Club, went to the cookouts, picnics, etc. He had joint custody of his 15 year old daughter. The girl was torn between her dad and mom. Cal Culpepper verbally abused the girl at a PCG activity in Ohio. The girl was then condemned by Culpepper and told to not come to services. The father was told not to have any contact with the girl (15 years old) at all. The man refused and was disfellowshipped.

There are many more cases like this but these three will suffice to give a picture of the unbiblical and illegal practice of abandoning your minor teens.

I heard in a recent sermon how the non-PCG performers who do the Concert Series at God's House [Armstrong Auditorium] gush and rave telling the HQ people how they were "treated like Kings" with fine dining and accommodations while they stayed at the Auditorium. I wonder if these people were told how minor age children were being tossed out in the street by orders from PCG ministry? Would they still be willing to perform for the PCG? --Anonymous PCG member

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous PCG member, the activities this Culpepper character is perpetrating are criminal from a secular legal standpoint, and very much questionable according to any Biblical standards with which I am familiar. There is something deeply fundamentally wrong when authority is exercised in such a cruel and arbitrary way!

Adoption, counseling or mentoring, and unconditional love are all principles which are deeply rooted in the Bible. Surely you must realize that there are problems with your church, or you would not have shared that quote from ESN. I'll certainly be remembering you in my prayers!


Bo said...

Coming from a RC background I've seen MANY parallels between the ACOGs and Catholicism that it's incredible those who are part if these ACOGs refuse to see it! They self-righteously pat themselves on the back as if they're better than other Xians they look down on as "unconverted" or "apostate" when they're seriously no better as demonstrated by their "unconverted," "carnal" and "apostate" fruits!

Anonymous said...

There is a butt for every seat in this world. Churches sift out according to personalities. Those in the COGs who need law and order and can leave out gentleness, meekness and kindness etc sit with Flurry. Those who need authority and someone to do ALL their thinking for them along with the illusion of the good ol' days choose Pack. Those who like Holydays, Sabbath and future hope with a touch or semblance of balance pick UCG. Those who need to know they won't have to put up with much for more than 3-5, 10, no more than 15 or 20 tops years left, LCG.

Liberals and intellectuals choose Episcopal and Unitarians. The Ecclectic, Unity Church and the stayed and stuffy who know little of the Bible or care, Presbyterians.

Catholic types love form and ritual to the extreme and sameness and stability. The emotional types love pentacostalism and the self righteous and Bible readers, Baptist.

When you think you belong in one group but find you don't fit, it is called Church hoping.


Anonymous said...

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