Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dave Pack: In 2 Weeks I will Announce The Year and the Very Day This Reunification Will Happen

Dave says that in 2 weeks he will make a specific announcement as to the year and exact day that all the COG's will be reunified under him.  However, Dave wants you to know he is NOT a prophet and did not dream this up.  God has spoken directly to him.

All of the items in this announcement have caused many to wonder, “When will this take place?” At least a few have thought that I am “toying with people” by not explaining when this will happen. For a while, the “when” was not as important as were the subjects that prepare brethren for the “when.” That thousands will come and many others will not needed to be explained—and there is much more yet to explain in this regard. This said, a clue to answering this question comes from the meaning of Haggai. Recall this word means “My [God’s] Feast.” For now, regarding timing, understand that everything covered in Haggai is in a Feast of Tabernacles context.

In two weeks—after one more important set up announcement—I will announce the year and very day that this reunification will happen. But I am not a prophet! Understand. I have NO AUTHORITY to make my own proclamations about anything regarding prophecy. It is GOD Who reveals and interprets prophecies—and then brings them to pass. My job is to explain what He reveals FROM HIS WORD. No visions, dreams, and “revelations from God” have occurred. Whether you believe God’s Word will be your choice. More is at stake than you realize. Be sure to read next week’s announcement.


Anonymous said...

August 2013 or August 2014
21st day of the month . Whatever the 7th month in hebrew calendar carries over to. Haggai 2:1


Anonymous said...

As editor in chief, Pack needs to find a way to rewrite HWA out of the Haggai storyline; without causing a major worship disturbance.

He could claim that HWA was only a type or forerunner to Zerubbabel, but that he is, in fact, the actual living end-time Zerubbabel. Then he could drop hints and eventually proclaim the younger Flurry as filthy rags Joshua. It wouldn't take much convincing, the PCG membership won't say so publicly, but they've already pegged Stephen as one of the two witnesses. Just watch his reporting from Jerusalem this summer.

-- Dave, the seeds of doubt have been sown, it's time for a little airbrushing. You and your team of 16 have two weeks to rethink this all the way through to its foregone conclusion. Just ask yourSELF, what would Don Draper do?

Joe Moeller said...

What a drama queen!

Why wait the two weeks?... oh, to build up the tension and interest in his stupid proclamation.

I hereby trump Pack by giving everyones response to his proclamation IN ADVANCE!

The response will be ..."YAWN".

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Well at least he admits it's a "set up" and he needs more set up time. Isn't "set up" the same as "toying"?

Dave Pack needs medication not congregation

Anonymous said...

The nutcase spirit in Ron Weinland escaped from Alcatraz and jumped into Dave..truly truly.

James said...

Does Dave have a fortune teller on staff or is he speaking out his asshole?

RSK said...

You know... playing along with this "reunification" idea in a general sense, theoretically the COGs could do it. After all, if I remember my WCG-speak correctly, the ONLY admonition to follow is "Hold fast what you have". How hard would it be to unite them under that banner?

Well, not so hard, until you realize that Gods-Sorta-Specifically-Named-That-Prophet Flurry, Gods-Most-Tenured-Underling Meredith, Gods-Accidentally-Unappointed-Prophet Thiel and the rest would NEVER have the cojones to be in a situation where they have to deal with each other face to face on a daily basis. Only cowards like them would prefer to hide in segregated geographical areas and throw pitiful darts at each other.

Byker Bob said...

We know that perfect knowledge will unify everyone finally in the Kingdom. Nobody but Father God knows when that is coming. In our own era, all of the humans claiming to speak for God have proven to be highly inaccurate, not to be trusted at all, and especially when they set dates.

It would appear that David Pack is well advanced in his journey along the road that we watched Ron Weinland travel. What makes each of these dudes believe that he will actually be an exception to the abyssimal failure of Armstrongism? Hopefully, Dave is paying his taxes!


Anonymous said...

Enough of this silliness, Pack! Prophet or not, you have until the end of this coming Feast (September 28, 2013) to positively identify and name both of the two end-time witnesses.

Former RCG said...

I'm so glad that Pack getting so faraway from the Bible and more into human reasoning. Anyone that is attempting to read and understand their Bible in RCG will be headed for the exits soon!

Corky said...

It will be as accurate as '1975 in Prophecy', I guarantee it. It will be as accurate as the prophecy in 1 Peter 4:7 and as accurate as Luke 21:32.

In other words, don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

now you just hold it a minute! im the two witnesses! wait...

Anonymous said...

Pack has nothing big this year, otherwise his big announcement would've leaked out of Wadsworth, by now.

Come on “Gang of 16″ what do you know? Will Pack team-up with Flurry in Jerusalem this year, or the next?

Hell, by the time all you old farts finally come up with a plan of action, Flurry's grandson will be selling the family estate.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, it’s going to be bad.”

-General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis

Byker Bob said...

This should be interesting to watch. Of particular interest will be just how close Davey comes to anything which resembles his hyperbole. The people we should be worrying about would be those who spot him tentative approval, iow, believing the hype to the point where they offer financial support and personal allegiance until it all falls apart.

If you were to come up with some sort of composite profile of the people through whom God is said to have worked, and maybe come up with two groups, one from the Old Testament, and one from the New Testament, Dave Pack would fit neither. God didn't work through self-serving braggarts, or those impressed with what they imagined to be their authority.

The problem is, although he doesn't fit this one completely either, Pack does somewhat resemble the profile which for ACOG sphincter group members is the only meaningful one: the HWA profile! And, I wouldn't be bragging about that or being proud of it (although Dave is both).

Part of the Armstrongism mindset involves the peculiar ability to make abject failure appear to be
rave success. But, alas, it's all a smoke and mirrors empire building game.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Pack's old potatoes.

If I want "Total Drama Queens", all I have to do is turn an ear to the United Church of God and the "drama-queen blathering" of their 'Council of Drama Queen Elders'!